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Direct Buy Furniture - Considering Direct Buy Furniture

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For contractors and frequent movers, the $3000+ fee of Direct Buy furniture can secure high quality home furnishings at enough retail prices to recoup their investment. For others, Direct Buy is an investment which is unlikely to turn out in their favor.

Direct Buy markets itself as a club rather than a store. Unlike most companies which use their website as a way of distributing information about their competitive products, the Direct Buy homepage asks only for contact information so that interested parties can visit a showroom where products are vigorously marketed. The initial contact is made from a call center, where sales staff pre-qualify potential members while trying to schedule a showroom appointment. These callers rigorously pursue their quotas, creating a high pressure sales environment which some customers may find invasive.

Using a pyramid business model, Direct Buy fields its members as employees. The 5/5 rating on Consumer Reviews.org—which only records reviews from people who have purchased a product—are filled with Direct Buy members eager to support their newfound communities. Meanwhile, other consumer information sites are laden with stories of high pressure sales and cost-benefit analyses which rarely flatter Direct Buy furniture franchises.

For the past few years, Direct Buy has grappled with consumers in more places than their showrooms. Consumer blog Informercial Scams was sent a cease and desist letter for their allegedly defamatory attacks. The lawyer penning the document claimed that copyright laws forbade the members of Infomercial Scams to post the letter, a threat merrily ignored by the consumer rights writers at the helm.

In 2007, Consumer Reports discouraged most buyers from purchasing Direct Buy furniture due not only to the relative lack of savings, but also the lack of financial transparency. They further warned that Direct Buy does not allow for beforehand shopping and price comparison, which results in a less informed customer base.

Beyond pricing, the furniture, at least, is sound. Despite Direct Buy’s aggressive marketing, the company has played by the rules and won several awards with the Better Business Burea and other watchdog groups for the quality of its products. Its countertops, blinds, and other products stand up well to use, and homes furnished with Direct Buy furniture carry a look of modern distinction. Its most satisfied customers are contractors and those looking to furnish entire homes—in short, those who actually stand to profit despite a steep membership fee of $3000 or more.

In choosing whether or not to purchase Direct Buy furniture, consumers should be cautious and well aware of how much furniture they plan to purchase. They should not give Direct Buy their contact information unless they are strongly considering the product, as doing so will result in fairly high pressure sales calls. Interested parties will be directed to one of the showrooms located in several major cities, where they will receive the final pitch and be given the opportunity to buy into this discount furniture club.

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