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Color Laser Printer Copier - Cost Effective Solutions for Office Equipment - Less Equipment, Faster printing, Higher quality

Combining Office Equipment for Professional Copies at the Best Cost

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One of the biggest office expenses is the machinery needed to get the job done. Every office today needs a copier and scanner. You will want office machines that give you quality prints with fast results at the best cost available. Businesses can get everything they need in a color laser printer copier combination.

Less Equipment

The main advantage of buying combination office equipment is the money you will save. Most of the combination laser copiers and printers will include faxing and scanning functions. You will not have to buy four separate machines to get the job done. Buying this combo will also allow you to buy just one type of toner for all of your office equipment. When you have separate equipment, a good deal of your office expenses will go to buying toner for your office equipment. You need to have back up for every machine in your office. When you have a combo printer, copier and fax machine, you will buy less.

Another benefit of combo office equipment is that all employees can use the same printer. Connecting your printer to the office network alleviates the needs for multiple printers. You can also purchase trays so each person can pick up their prints without having to sort to everything that was sent to the printer.

Faster printing

When you need a color copy, you want it fast. If you have a large report to print, a standard ink jet copier can take long to complete. When you use a laser printer copier, you will have your prints much faster. On average, an inkjet printer can take 40 to 60 seconds per printer page. Laser printers can have the same page in just seconds.

In addition, these printers can handle bigger printing jobs. The HP Color Laser Jet CP3520 has three paper trays and has an input capacity of 850 sheets.

Higher quality

When you choose a laser printer copier, you will also get higher quality prints. Ink jet prints smear easily. The last thing you want is to complete your report and have smudges on it when you hand it to your boss. Laser prints dry instantly and you do not have to worry about messy presentations. Color laser printers will also give you photo quality prints. Ink jet printers will not give you the crisp quality you are looking for in business printing.

In order to find a high quality laser printer, look at the DPI. The higher the DPI, the better the print quality will be. For example, the HP Color Laser Jet CP2020 is a very good printer. IT has a DPI of 600 × 600 and retails for $449.

You want your employees to multitask. Your office equipment should do the same. Buy a color laser printer copier to get the most from your expense. When you buy this product, you will get one piece of office equipment that can handle several tasks simultaneously.

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