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Bemis Humidifier Filter - Decide on the right filter for a Bemis humidifier

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Bemis humidifiers come in various types, according to their purpose. There are two main categories for humidifiers – cold and warm. Humidity in the home should be around 30 to 40%. Warm air humidifiers are perfect for the winter. Winter air has less moisture, and it can cause dry skin, cracked lips, itching eyes, and sinus problems. They can also relieve respiratory discomforts such as dry throat and bronchial problems and are used for some asthma treatments. Bemis warm air designs mostly boil water, and some can be turned on for the whole day. It is important that the filter is cleaned to avoid getting mineral deposits in the air.

Bemis warm air evaporation filters work in combination with a water tank or reservoir, basin, and fan. The fan blows through the humidifier wick filter that absorbs water from a water dispenser, then water from the filter evaporates. For whole house models, air passes through the wet humidifier wick by means of the house’s heating system blower. Humidifier wick filters must be kept clean at all times. An old filter will not do its job. Check washing and filter replacement instructions of humidifier before cleaning.

Bemis cool air humidifiers give off cool mist for hot seasons. They are safe to use without overheating. They consume less energy than warm air humidifiers, and they can humidify larger spaces. They cool the room from the heated environment outside. They are noisier and require filter replacement as needed.
Bemis humidifiers are good for health needs, and they keep dust minerals from entering the home, as well as airy and muggy odors from accumulating. They can also keep wood furniture moist and safe from cracking.

Many Bemis humidifiers are offered by Essicks air, a company that has been manufacturing for over 65 years. Tower designs fit in tight places, can release cool mist with a 9-gallon output, and are good for 1900 square feet. It is fairly quiet and has a digital LCD display to set the humidity level. A refill light turns on when it is time to refill. Small room table top models are good for up to 1100 square feet and are better for traveling. For Bemis cool air humidifiers offered by Essicks air, an electrostatic air filter purifies the air. It is an option that can be used as desired. They are fairly easy to clean and replace the filters.
Some Bemis Humidifiers come with a bacteria control feature. Generic Bemis humidifier filters come at a low price, and they are simple and easy to install. Bemis CB43 Humidifier filters need to be replaced less frequently, but the initial price is higher. There are also Bemis Bacteria Treatment Humidifier Filters. Allergy relief framed filters are usually purchased in a six pack. Charcoal pre-filters and repellant filters can be purchased to filter unwanted charcoal particles from the roam. Filter wicks are often sold by filter model number. Bemis replacement wicks supply fresh, moist air, and they should be replaced t least twice per season. Bemis HEPA FILTERS are rated to remove nearly all airborn particles. They are used in hospital operating rooms, high-tech labs, and other environments where maximum air purity is essential.

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