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Cheap Flights To Newark - Digging Up Cheap Flights to Newark, NJ - Be Flexible, Use the ’Net

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Many travelers overlook Newark in favor of JFK or other more “central” airports. But they fail to realize that many times you can get a flight to Newark for a significantly cheaper price. Precisely because it is less central, savvy travelers are able to snag great deals if they know what they’re doing.

This guide will show you powerful strategies to make your next flight to Newark (or anywhere else, for that matter) cheaper than you could have dreamed.

Be Flexible

As is the rule of cheap airfare to any location, to get the best price you have to be flexible on the dates you choose. If you need to fly somewhere on a high-volume day, chances are your ticket price will be much higher than a non-peak day. It doesn’t matter if you’re planning months in advance or last minute – you’ll find that flexibility can be key to getting you the best possible price.

Use the ’Net

First, it’s a good idea to use Travelocity’s Flexible Date Search to get a general idea of the best days to travel within a certain time frame. The bigger your timeframe, the more chances you have of getting a great deal. Orbitz.com also has flexible date options that you can try.

Once you have found the cheapest days that also work with your schedule, it’s time to do some deep internet combing with Kayak.com. Here, you type the specific day that you want to leave, and Kayak will query all of the major flight providers and travel sites to find the cheapest advertised fare.

And you don’t even need to stop there.

Now you can head to Priceline.com and “Name Your Price” on the flight that you want – if you’re daring, you can go as low as 50% of the advertised fare! Again, flexibility comes in handy here, because you’re not sure what the response will be. But it doesn’t hurt to try, and if your bid gets accepted then you’ll be on top of the world! (At half the price, no less!)

With so many options out there, there’s really no reason to pay top dollar for flights. With a little knowhow and flexibility, you can be on your way to Newark for less than you ever dreamed possible.

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