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Digital Printing Online - Digital Online Photo Priniting—3 Ways of Using Digital Images - Canvas Wraps, Photo Books, Banner Stands

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Digital printing is the type of printing in which electronic files are used for producing prints. Digital online photo printing or Web-to-Print digital printing is the process by which images can be customized and personalized online in a print management program. The client or customer has the option to select photos that will be included in the required product (framed picture, banner, brochure, etc.). When the desired piece is created, it is sent to the print supplier. The print normally reaches the client from the print supplier in one or two working days.

The different products which contain digital online photo printing include: poster size pictures, canvas wraps, photo books, banner stands, etc.

Canvas Wraps

Canvas photo printing is a modern way of presenting images. A company that offers canvas wraps is Digitallab. The material on which they create canvas wraps is cotton; they use archival links for printing the photo. When the materials get printed on the canvas, the canvas is covered with a layer UV protective material and stretched on a wooden frame. Clients have the choice of wrapping their image around the stretcher or having a colored, black or white edge. The company offers two stretcher thicknesses: 28mm and 40mm (approximately).

Those who want to get their image wrapped should keep in mind that any part of the picture that is close to the edge of their image may be lost when wrapped around stretchers. For such people, white, black or color edges are the right options. The UV protection finish on the canvas before it is stretched enables the customers to clean their image when required without damaging it. This feature considerably increases the life span of the canvas. The normal delivery time for canvas wraps is five to seven working days.

Photo Books

The images obtained by digital online photo printing can be used to create digital books without the use of any software. The process is simple and involves selecting a template and placing (drag and drop) the images into the template. Templates with different number of images per page are offered by Digitallab. Several different combinations of templates, images and text are possible.

Banner Stands

A banner stand with digital graphics is another product which can be created with digital online photo printing. The banner stands offered by Digitallab are created photographically (no inkjet) and laminated with UV protection product. Banner stands with different stand mechanisms are available.

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