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Disney World Park Tickets - Disney Ticket Options - Single Tickets, Extended Stay Tickets, Season Passes

Choosing the Best Ticket Packages for Your Disney Vacation

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When visiting Orlando you will want to get your Disney World park tickets in advance. Before you buy tickets, make sure you have the dates you will be visiting and the amount of time you want to spend in the parks. Most Disney tickets are good for all parks so you will want to get a ticket pack for your entire stay. You will also get discounts on your visit for wad additional day you visit.

Single Tickets

If you plan to visit the Disney parks for just one day, you can purchase a Disney Quest Single Day Ticket. For $79 you will receive entrance for one person. There are also several options to choose from with your one-day pass. When you want to visit all the parks in one day or do not know which parks you want to visit, the Park Hopper option will give you access to all the parks. If you choose this option, your ticket will cost $131. The Water Park and More option will let you visit the water parks on the grounds, Indoor Quest and the sports complex. This option also costs $131 per day.

Extended Stay Tickets

When you choose an extended stay package, you will save on multiple visits to the park. In fact, when you stay seven days, you can get tickets for as little at $34 a day. When you purchase this package, you will receive entrance to one park per day, for up to ten days, a discounted price. You can also choose the Park Hopper and Water Park and More options with extended stays. For each option your choose you in a seven day package you add an additional $7.43 per day. Extended stay tickets also give you the No Expiration Option. This way you can use your tickets at any point throughout the year. On a seven-day package, you would add an additional $17 to your daily ticket price.

Season Passes

If you live close to the park, you will want to take advantage of the Annual Passes. With these passes you receive entrance into all of the Disney parks for the entire year. This pass costs $489 per adult. With this ticket, you will also receive complementary parking and Passholder discounts throughout the park. The Premium package is $619 a year and gives you access to the water parks and sports venues.

There are several ticket packages to choose. Know what parks you want to visit to make purchasing your tickets easy. You will also want to look for specials for area attractions when you purchase your tickets. With all of the options available, you are sure to have a magical experience at Disney World.

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