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Hamilton Beach Parts - Do It Yourself Kitchen Appliance Repairs

Finding the Right Part for Your Hamilton Beach Appliances

blender break time carafe

You all have been there. Ready to blend your favorite frozen drink and your blender will not work or you break the carafe on your coffee pot before your morning cup of java. When this happens, you do not have to go out and buy another one, there are Hamilton Beach parts available for a fraction of the cost of a new machine. These parts are easy to replace and you will be up and running in no time.

Kitchen appliances break from time to time. This is because of their frequent use. Most of the time, it is a small part that breaks and it can be replaced easily. The most common part to break on a blender is the sealing ring gasket. When this breaks, the drink you are making will come out of the bottom of your blender. Gasket rings are prone to drying out. When that happens, you do not have a seal on your blender. Replacement gaskets cost a little over $1 and are easily replaced. You simple unscrew the base of your blender, take out the old ring and replace it with a new one.

Coffee pots are highly fragile. Everyone has broken a coffee carafe or two. When this happens, you can buy a replacement carafe. When replacing your carafe, you will have several options starting at just $5. You may also want to consider replacing it with a stainless steel carafe that does not break. You can also get thermal carafes that keep your coffee hot for hours.

One of the most popular Hamilton Beach products is the food processor. This appliance has numerous parts that can break. The good news is, almost every part on a food processor has replacements. Hamilton Beach offers blades and belts for all of the kitchen appliances. You can get the replacement belts for only $8 and change it out yourself. They also offer an array of accessories for food processors. You can get attachments to slice and dice smaller portions, blender attachments and small graters.

The next time you find your kitchen appliances are broken, before you buy a new product, check out the Hamilton Beach parts and accessories and fix it yourself. The replacement parts are cheap and you can be up and running in minutes.

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