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Small Business Loans Women - Do Small Business Loans for Women Really Exist?

The Facts about Small Business Loans for Women

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When it comes to small business loans women tend to feel as though they are somewhat out of reach. This couldn’t be further from the truth. There are many small business loans out there targeted specifically towards female business owners. If you operate a woman-owned business and need funding to expand and achieve your business goals there are some things you need to know about.

Check Women-Only Loan Resources
One of the best ways to get small business loans for women is to look into women-only loan programs. There are many for-profit and non-profit organizations out there who are dedicated to leveling the business playing field and make funding available specifically to women-owned businesses.

Oftentimes, because these small business loans for women are intended to help women succeed in the business world, the terms found with these loans are better than what you’d find with a traditional business lender.

Where Do Small Business Loans for Women Come From?
Funding for women-owned businesses comes from a variety of sources. Angel investors make up only a small portion of women’s lending resources. Many women’s business loans come from the Small Business Administration, equity investments and traditional lending mediums.

Will Personal Loans Work?
Many women make the mistake of taking out personal loans to fund their business start-ups. This is not a good idea. Your business credit should be kept separate from your personal credit. As your business grows you will eventually need larger lines of credit geared towards business needs. You need to establish credit in your business’s name to qualify for future loans. Small business loans for women can help you build the credit your business needs.

The Bottom Line
Getting funding for a new or established business can be an overwhelming task. Fortunately the days of women being disqualified from business financing are long gone. Look into the various small business loans for women and you’ll be surprised at just how many programs your woman-owned business may qualify for.

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