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Free Ringtones For Cell Phones - Download methods for free ringtones for cell phones - Download options for getting free cell phone ringers

mobile wireless bluetooth tones

Everyone likes to add a little bit of personality to their cell phone by adding free cell phone ring tones, and there are plenty of websites that offer this service. Of course it used to be a lot easier to get free ringtones for mobile phones, but it is still possible to find some. The only problem with getting ring tones for free is the fact that some websites claim to offer free cell phones’ ringtones, but there are hidden charges that prevent these “free” ringtones for a mobile phone from actually being free.

One of the challenges associated with getting free ringtones for a cell phone is actually getting it onto the phone and activating it. Let’s look at the most common methods of transferring free ringtones for cell phones.

Download options for getting free cell phone ringers

There are several different methods for actually getting free ringtones for cell phones. The easiest method for getting free mobile ring tones is through a simple internet download right on your phone. Usually the phone will then give instructions on how to activate the free mobile ring tones on the phone. These instructions vary with each different phone.

Wireless transfer options for free cell phone ringers

Another common download method to get a free phone ringtone is through a Bluetooth wireless link. This method is perfect for someone who has downloaded free ringtones for mobile phones on his computer. Bluetooth makes it possible to transfer those free ringtones for cell phones wirelessly.

Another wireless option for transferring free ringtones for cell phones is an infrared wireless link. This connection does tend to be a bit slow, but it is a viable option for older cell phones. Infrared wireless is a bit like Bluetooth, except that it is an older and slower technology. However, establishing a link between the computer and the phone is usually very similar.

Wired transfer options for free ringtones for mobile phones

Phones that do not support either Bluetooth or the old infrared wireless technology will need to a data cable to transfer the free ringtones for a cell phone over to your handset. Data cables can take the form of USB and mini-USB cables.

Free ringtones for mobile phones by carrier

Not all cell phone carriers support free ringtones for cell phones, so you should always look into your particular cell phone carrier and the handset you have. After all, you would hate to download some free ringtones and then find out that you cannot use them. Some cell phone carriers even have a special market place where users can get free cell phone ringtones. It is all a matter of understanding exactly what your cell phone can do and what is allowed with your particular call phone carrier.

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