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Marketing Email Lists - Email Marketing Tips - Don’t Send Too Many Emails to Your List, Permission

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Email marketing can be a tricky endeavor. It is no secret that everyone professes to hate unsolicited emails, but email marketing also works. It can certainly be abused, but when used well, can be quite effective. Email marketing, compared to other kinds such as direct mail and commercial advertising on TV or the radio, is simple and fairly inexpensive. But it can also be surprisingly involved, as building (or buying) a good email list, cleaning it up and targeting it can take a great deal of time and effort. However, there are some tips you can keep in mind when making and using your email marketing lists to make sure that you are one of the good guys who grow their business without alienating customers and potential leads.

Don’t Send Too Many Emails to Your List

Getting too many emails is the number one reason why people opt out of lists, delete, refuse to respond or report companies for spam. Use your list wisely and well. Getting constant emails for marketing reasons is like a salesman following you around 24 hours a day, or being nagged at by a particularly irritating relative. It’s not only off-putting, it makes your company seem needy, pathetic or just plain seedy.


People respond better to emails they have asked for. If you compile your list from opt-in members only, you may still get some messages blocked by spam guards, but you and your potential customer know that the attention is not unwarranted. You should also always include a way to unsubscribe or opt-out of the list in every message. Don’t let the fact that you want a marketing list with as many people on it as possible blind you to the fact that if someone does not want the mail, they will not use it. Wasting your resources on people who do not desire them is unnecessary and frustrating for everyone involved. Also, if someone wants to opt-out and cannot easily find out how to do so, they can turn into a real enemy. The best leads come from people being satisfied with your services and asking other people they know to sign up. A list full of disgruntled, angry customers who feel trapped is not a good list at all.

Avoid Email Marketing During Holidays

It may be tempting to bombard your email list with offers and information during holidays, especially Christmas, but this is not a good strategy. Besides the fact that many become overwhelmed enough during these times, they also reduce the amount they check their inboxes, especially at work. And when they do, getting hit over and over again by marketing is not what they want in the way of holiday spirit.

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