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Los Angeles District Attorney - Everything You Need to Know About the Los Angeles District Attorney Office - Quick Facts on the LA DA Office

assistance public corruption positions

The District Attorney’s Office prosecutes felony crimes. It is headed up by the District Attorney, whose job it is to manage the prosecutor’s office and work with law enforcement in order to investigate alleged crimes. Los Angeles is the largest prosecutorial agency in the United States, covering 4,083 square miles and with a staff of over 2,250 people. The lion’s share of these positions are filled by deputy district attorneys who prosecute felony and misdemeanor crimes. The LA DA’s office prosecutes nearly 60,000 felonies and 200,000 misdemeanors every year. The Los Angeles DA Office also employs nationally recognized experts in DNA evidence, public corruption, and gang prosecution.

The Current Los Angeles District Attorney

When he was sworn into office in the year 2000, Steve Cooley gave an inspiring speech to his staff about being fearless in the pursuit of justice. It set the tone for the next four years in office, and that must have struck a chord with voters, because Mr. Cooley is now in his third consecutive term as district attorney and still going strong.

Mr. Cooley is the son of an FBI officer. He is a career prosecutor. Throughout his term as DA, he has been especially focused on prosecuting public corruption. He founded the Public Integrity Division for the express purpose of exposing this corruption, even in cases that had gone unpunished for years.

Positions at the DA Office

If you think you have what it takes to work in a fast-paced, demanding, but ultimately rewarding environment, look at the LADA Career Page to see what positions are available. They also offer many opportunities for law students to enroll in internships, giving them a taste of the action that goes on inside a hectic government law office.

LA DA Victim Services

Along with all the prosecuting work, the Los Angeles District Attorney provides a large amount of victim/witness assistance services, instated to protect the of victims of physical and emotional abuse, or persons who could otherwise be in danger. This program includes services like witness protection, medical expense coverage, child care assistance, property return assistance, and a large list of others.

There are a bounty of volunteer opportunities available within these assistance programs that offer special training for interested volunteers. For more information, call 1-800-380-3811.

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