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Las Vegas Nv Flights - Everything you need to know about Las Vegas, NV flights - General information on Las Vegas, NV flights

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A trip to Las Vegas is always a blast, but Las Vegas, Nevada flights don’t have to drain your wallet before you even get to the casino. One of the easiest ways to save some money is by changing the day you fly. Flying on a weekday instead of a weekend is almost always going to be cheaper, and a flight to Las Vegas, Nevada is no different.

General information on Las Vegas, NV flights

There are currently 29 airlines offering service to and from Las Vegas, which is likely the reason the price is so low. More competition means lower prices, so the more airlines to choose from, the better. As far as the type of flights handled by the Las Vegas airport, there are more than a hundred international flights from there each week. Also the Las Vegas airport connects with 95 cities non-stop, and who doesn’t like the thought of not having to make a connection?

The prices of flights to Las Vegas

In general, a comparison of Las Vegas, NV flights shows that the prices are usually around $150 to $300 round trip. However, there are some flights to Las Vegas that are priced a lot higher. For example, a flight from Allentown-Bethlehem-Easton to Las Vegas was priced well over $300, as was a flight from Ithaca to Las Vegas and a flight from Wilmington to Las Vegas. One thing you will notice about all of these overpriced flights is that they came out of smaller regional airports instead of larger main ones. This is likely the reason the price of the flight was so much higher. If at all possible, try to book a flight from a major airport, even if it means driving an hour or two. Just remember to factor in the price of parking if driving to a larger airport meant that no one could drive you there and drop you off.

Don’t forget to shop around

Of course the only real way to find a cheap flight to Las Vegas is to shop around, and making your way through 29 different airlines can be difficult. However, it is certainly worth it to save a lot of money on your flight. Here’s a look at some of the airlines that advertised lower prices on flights to Las Vegas.

Frontier and United advertised one flight from Denver to Las Vegas for $151. American, US Airways, United, and Delta all flew flights from Los Angeles for $129. Southwest had a lot of the lower prices, and the highest was from Jacksonville, at $317. Looking more closely at the prices overall, it is much cheaper to fly to Las Vegas from somewhere on the west coast. As you move east, the prices of the flights increase, with some reaching even $400.

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