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Online Community College - Everything you need to know about an online community college - The benefits of an online community college

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An online community college is basically any online school that offers two-year associate’s degrees and career certificates or diplomas that can be earned by taking classes online. Usually the certificates and diplomas offer a specialization within a particular career. Some examples of online community colleges are Strayer University, the University of Phoenix, and American InterContinental University.

The benefits of an online community college

When it comes to a community college, online courses have several benefits over traditional classes. The most obvious benefit is the flexibility. Students who enroll in an online community college can take classes entirely at their own paces, and they can do the coursework on their own time instead of having to report to a particular place at a particular time on certain days. An online community college is the perfect solution for students who are working full time or stay-at-home moms and dads.

Another benefit of online community colleges is the fact that anyone can attend. This means that even students who live out in the country can attend community college without having to drive hours away from home. An online community college truly puts education in the hands of anyone who wants it.

The disadvantages of online community college classes

The one major disadvantage that an online school has is the fact that students spend no time sitting in actual classes. Of course this factor is actually a benefit for some students, but other students find it very difficult to learn just with the lessons that are offered in the course books.

Requirements to get into an online community college

Students who want to get into an online community college generally need at least a high school diploma or GED. Often the requirements stop there, but some online community colleges also require additional placement testing.

The price of online schools, compared to traditional colleges

In most cases, attending online classes costs about the same as attending a traditional community college. Of course community colleges as a whole are less expensive than four-year colleges, especially because students don’t spend money on room and board when they attend a community college. However, online community colleges do typically cost about the same as traditional two-year community colleges, with the average tuition costing about $2,300 per semester for a full time student.

Typical degree programs offered through an online community college

Usually community colleges focus on vocational or technical pursuits, which means the degrees offered at these schools often fall into several categories. For example, teaching is one area that many online schools offer degrees in, alone with nursing, dental hygiene, and computers. Also many online schools offer degrees in various aspects of business like accounting or management. Criminal justice is also another degree program that is commonly offered at online community colleges, as are technology and fashion design. Graphic arts is another area many community colleges also offer degree programs in.

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