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Excaliber Las Vegas - Excaliber Las Vegas

Providing Vegas with Medieval Kitsch since 1990

excalibur hotel modern medieval

The Excalibur is a mid-range novelty hotel and casino located on the Las Vegas strip. Quality of service and lodging ranges from fair to excellent, with the occasional poorly cleaned room or mechanical problem—an inevitable problem, really, given the compound’s four thousand rooms. Even with its unwieldy bulk, the Excalibur has earned a three-star rating on TripAdvisor, Expedia, and other sites. Additionally, Excalibur has an unbeatable price—a mere ninety dollars can lodge two guests for a weekend getaway.

But the real reason to go to Excalibur is all in the name—the place is a sprawling spectacle of medieval kitsch.

Built in 1990 to be what was then the largest hotel in the world, the Excalibur soon sported an animatronic fire-breathing dragon battling Merlin outside its front doors. Its hallways were packed with suits of armor, heraldric banners, and other medieval bric-a-brac, and Medievalist performers were brought in wholesale to add to the mysticism.

In 2005, MGM Mirage acquired Excalibur and announced a sweeping wave of modern renovations. The dragon was removed (slain, perhaps?), the moat drained, and the hallways cleared. Whether these renovations have ruined the experience or rescued the hotel from tackiness is an opinion which anyone familiar with the Excalibur is sure to have.

Even with the controversial changes, this place is still far from being a run-of-the-mill hotel and casino. In the spirit of “family friendly” Las Vegas, the Excalibur has entertainment for everyone. In addition to gambling, restaurants, arcades, spas, a water park, and a tucked-away strip club, it features some signature events which still capture the spirit and imagination of the locale.

The Canterbury Wedding Chapel conducts half-hour weddings and vow renewals every day, with extended Saturday hours that run til midnight. In addition to the usual services of flowers, photographers, and planners, Canterbury maintains a staff of costumers armed with cloaks, tunics, swords, bodices, crowns, dresses, faux chainmail, and priestly robes.

The nightly Tournament of Kings is perhaps the most remarkable spectacle of all. This loosely Arthurian feast sits audience members in seven seating areas which represent competing countries, all cheering for their king as he battles the other stars in a rowdy gladiatorial variety show.

Even as MGM renovates it for a more modern look, it stays true to its theme in many of its services and entertainment options. Ideal for families, the young-at-heart, and Medieval enthusiasts, the Excalibur ranks as one of the premiere representatives of modern Las Vegas.

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