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Exxon Credit Card - Exxon Credit Card Comparison - Exxon Credit Cards for Consumers, ExxonMobile Personal Card, ExxonMobile Preferred Card

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To make gasoline purchases simple and completely trackable Exxon Mobile offers several credit card options for both personal and business needs. Exxon credit cards are managed by Citibank, cardholders know they are working with a trusted financial giant used by thousands of other consumers and businesses. ExxonMobile credit cards can be used at over 11,000 locations across The United States and Canada, while a MasterCard-endorsed Exxon credit card can be used anywhere MasterCard is accepted.

Applying for an Exxon credit card is fast and easy. Applications can be submitted safely and securely via Citibank’s Exxon credit card website. Once a card is issued, the website also offers several online account-management tools. Some of the features of online account management include the following:

• Current balance and credit limit information
• List of payments made and details on the current payment due
• Online payment
• Online statements and activity yet to be billed
• Online customer service
• Employee credit card management for business or fleet cardholders

Exxon credit cards are protected by Citibank privacy and security features. Online security specialists are available to answer any questions a cardholder may have concerning anything related to their card and online security. If fraudulent charges are suspected on a card, the identity theft hotline can be called 24 hours/day for support. Exxon credit cards also use the Citibank early-warning fraud system. In the event of any unusual activity, the cardholder is called so the charges can be verified. Until verification takes place, a freeze is issued for the card to prevent fraudulent activity. If unauthorized purchases have occurred, the cardholder is fully free from liability. There is no $50 or $100 deductible like many other bank cards.

Exxon Credit Cards for Consumers

ExxonMobile Personal Card

The ExxonMobile Personal Card can be used at the more than 11,000 Exxon or Mobile stations in North America. They are not honored at any other retail or online locations. The can be used, however, at Cirrus ATMs for cash advances. This card features Speedpass for easy paying at the pump for fuel and carwashes. A Speedpass key tag is provided. Billing is itemized in a monthly statement and can also be viewed online. Flexible payment plans allow the cardholder to choose the most convenient date for billing.

This card carries a variable 24.99% APR for purchases and 29.95% APR for cash advances. An additional fee of the greater of $10 or 5% is charged for cash advances.

ExxonMobile Preferred Card

The Exxon Preferred Credit Card is also used for purchases at Exxon or Mobile stores and cash advances. Speedpass is included, as well as several other amenities for travelers. Cardholders have access to the ExxonMobile travel and reservations service, which provides members 10% cash back on hotel stays, 5% cash back on flights, 10% cash back on cruises, and 5% cash back on car rentals. Additionally, cardholders receive discount dining and entertainment certificates. Travel agency services are available 24 hours/day. The card also provides $200,000 flight insurance, $25,000 common carrier insurance, and up to $1,000 emergency cash or airline tickets.

Fees and APR are the same as with the Exxon Personal Card.

ExxonMobile MasterCard

The ExxonMobile MasterCard provides plenty of rebates and incentives. Exxon and mobile gas purchases are rebated at 15 cents/gallon. Purchases on the first $10,000 are rebated at 2% and purchases after that are rebated at 1%. This card can be used anywhere MasterCard is accepted, including over 1 million ATMs in the U.S. Speedpass and flexible payment terms are included.

APR for the Exxon MasterCard is 19.99% for the Platinum MasterCard and 23.99% for the Classic MasterCard. Balance transfers can also be completed at the same APR up to 7 months after opening the account. A fee equal to the greater of $5 or 3% applies. APR for cash advances is 27.99% with a fee the greater of $5 or 5%. In the case of late or returned payments, the APR will adjust to 29.99%.

Exxon Credit Cards for Businesses

ExxonMobile Business Card

The Exxon Business credit card provides all the conveniences and features of the Personal Card with the added ability of choosing a single-station option. The single-station option allows employees or other authorized business associates to refuel without having to possess multiple cards. Tax-exempt businesses can also be accommodated.

ExxonMobile Fleet Cards

Fleet cards from Exxon help to simplify tracking expenses no matter the size of the business. Whether the fleet is three vehicles or a thousand, Exxon fleet cards allow employees to refuel at any Exxon or Mobile station. Optionally, the ExxonMobile Universal fleet card is available and can be used at 90% of all fueling stations in the United States.

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