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Mens Plaid Pants - Fashionable Men's Pants in Plaid

A Current Trend and an Old Staple

business makes leisure casual

Plaid has always been considered more of a basic than a fashion trend. Trendy clothes that are not costly are hard to come by. Plaid has been in the world for many centuries, and is a staple for many, especially men. For instance, plaid is very fashionable for a cowboy. complete with hat and boots. But presently, it has become somewhat of an obsession in the fashion industry.

Plaid, of course, consists of those typical different colored yarns in a crossbarred pattern woven into a piece of fabric. Casual plaid pants come in many different styles and brands. Plaid golf pants can be found at many golf stores as well as sites online. They are most popular in basic navy or khaki, and they are woven in cotton that makes them breathable. NIKI is a popular clothing line of golf pants. Ralph Lauren makes some polo pants that are often on sale.

Plaid snowboard pants are in style for those who want to stand out in a unique way in the snow. They are specifically designed for snowboarders. The material is light, yet warm, and can keep a snowboarder going at maximum speed.

Also in fashion for men are plaid pants that can work both for business and business casual. Colors for business are typically muted when compared to business casual. Many new looks from old fashions have been created.

A clean, classic style in men’s pants is the flat frontal tonal plaid pants. They have a button tab, a hook front closure, and a zipper fly. The front design is flat and they have side and rear button close pockets. They are typically machine washable. The waistband usually has belt loops. These can make for warm suit pants or a clean looking casual pant, and can come fully lined. Greg Norman is a popular clothing line.

Flannel finished trouser pants made of wool can be a comfortable leisure choice in the winter. They come in soft colors from blues, to creams, and soft, muted greens.

Leisure pants, 70’s style and flared, are woven of a myriad of colors and fabrics. Vintage pants can be purchased in excellent condition. Levi’s sells a pair of funky flares in burgundy, blue and gray. Crosshatching can be many wild colors, or a stylish few. It can be wide or narrow. They can be purchased along with 70’s leisure suits. A great retro style for any disco party.

Flannel plaid men’s pajama pants usually come with an elastic waistband. They are great for youths or college students to lounge, sleep and do everyday activities. A 100% cotton, flannel fabric makes for perfect comfort. They are fashionable and fun. Calvin Klein, makes navy and blue ones with their name brand printed on the waistband. Many bargains can be found, and they come in small, medium or large.

So whether sports or sleepwear, business or leisure, plaid pants are a fashionable item in menswear. A great current trend, and an old staple.

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