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Australia Cheap Flight - Finding Cheap Flights to Australia - Best Times to Fly, Use Local Airlines, Take Advantage of Package Deals

Tips on Getting the Best Deals on Your Australian Flight

trip september australian airfare

You may think you cannot afford a trip down under. If you want to take a trip to Australia, cheap flight tickets are available that can give you the savings you need to afford your trip. When choosing a flight to Australia, you need to know where to look to find the best deals.

Best Times to Fly

When flying to Australia, you will find the best ticket prices on flights from June to September. This is the off-season for Australian tourism. September and October are also great times to find good deals. Because less people are flying at these times, the airlines are willing to give you better deals. You will want to avoid October to February and June to August because these are the busiest seasons. Round-trip flights from New York to Sydney in July and August will cost you around $2,000. If you wait and travel in September you can get the same flights for $1,200.

Use Local Airlines

Several airlines offer flights to Australia. When you want the best price, you need to compare all airline prices. You will also want to look at local airlines. Local carriers offer better deals because they have the most to gain from your visit to their area. Quantas offers flights from New York to Sydney starting at $590 when you fly in September. The same ticket with American Airlines will cost you $700.

Take Advantage of Package Deals

Another good way to save on your Australian airfare tickets is to take advantage of a package deal. With a package deal, you will receive your airfare, hotels and activities during your stay. How To Vacation offers several packages to choose. In fact, you can choose the City and Reef package for just $1,999 per person. This package includes flights on Quantas, hotels for eight nights and activities in Sydney and the Great Barrier Reef. Choosing a package deal can give you the Australian adventure you are looking for at the same cost as just airfare.

Australia cheap flights are available if you take your time and do the research. The most important rule of thumb when looking for the best flight is to plan early. When you plan early, you can be flexible with your departure times. Sometimes getting the best price is as simple as moving the date of your vacation by one week.

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