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Birmingham Hotel Rooms - Finding Hotel Rooms in Birmingham, England

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Birmingham is the second most populous British city outside of London and was the hub of the Industrial Revolution. It is still known as ‘the workshop of the world’ and ‘the city of thousand trades’. It is also one of the best places in Britain to locate a business, consisting of a well established high tech, research and development sector.

The Birmingham city centre is where all major businesses and hotels are located. The government is redeveloping the centre through the Big City Plan, which is a master plan that focuses on redevelopment of areas of historic importance. Birmingham city centre is a central place for business, retail and leisure in Birmingham. It is also home to many tourist destinations like the Baskerville House and Birmingham Central Library.

Birmingham city centre hotels include luxury hotels such as Hilton, Crowne Plaza and Novotel. Small family owned hotels, bed and breakfasts and inns are also easy to find. All the hotels offer a variety of room options. Working professionals can choose standard rooms while higher end rooms include small conference areas, a kitchenette and a bedroom. All hotels provide high speed internet access which is offered as a paid service. Hilton offers standard rooms with a lake view on request but all executive rooms are lake facing and also have balconies. Depending on your lifestyle, all hotels have separate smoking and non smoking rooms. Luxury hotel prices are at par with industry standards. You are promised great service, food and in some cases, free use of facilities like the spa or the gym.

Businesses prefer luxury hotels for conferences and also for accommodating visiting employees. Large hotels have two or more conference rooms and halls that can hold hundreds of people. While budget hotels and inns have meeting rooms, the services are not at par with five star hotels but they do offer good benefits to small businesses.

Mid budget hotels include Eaton and Norwood with rates starting from £80 per night. Hotel review websites have reported that tourists and professionals prefer staying in bed and breakfasts since they offer a better personal experience. Usually, these are small family owned establishments that may or may not offer breakfast and other meals. Some better known B&B’s are Elmdon Lodge and Westbourne Lodge.

By staying in a city centre hotel, you can reduce your travel time to tourist destinations and other places of interest.

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