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Majorca Car Hire - Finding Your Way Through Mallorca Car Hire

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Spain’s largest island and a popular tourist destination, Mallorca (or Majorca to many non-natives) offers three hundred days of sunshine per year and a beach of golden sand. A mere seventy miles across, Mallorca offers travelers who choose to rent vehicles the opportunity to reach anywhere on the island in four hours or less. Visitors interested in Mallorca car hire (or Majorca car hire) can secure rental cars in its capital city of Palma, its other major city of Alcudia, or at the many smaller beach towns which rim the eastern border of the island.

Major international car rental providers form the vast majority of Mallorca car hire. Avis for example maintains eleven rental locations on the island, while Europcar maintains twenty-one. The internationality of these providers makes car rental easier than some international visitors might expect—fluency in Spanish is not required and providers accept USD as well as Euros and most other forms of currency.

All Mallorca car hire providers can be accessed through mallorcacar.com a price aggregation website which is part of the larger myrentalcar.com secure reservation service.

Wherever travelers choose to secure their cars, the rates favor those who desire a vehicle for several days, preferably one week. A budget vehicle costs about EUR 200 (USD 240) from Hiper, while the same vehicle costs around EUR 150 (USD 180) when rented for a single day. Thus, visitors who choose Mallorca car hire will experience the best prices if they plan on using their vehicle for longer periods of time.

Like many European countries, Spain requires that drivers be at least 21 years old to rent a vehicle, and even then, a young driver’s surcharge is applied to anyone between 21 and 24. Renters must have had their license for at least one year. An International Driver’s License is preferable and may result in smoother service, but it is not technically required in Mallorca. Traffic moves on the right side of the road (good news for American tourists), and other regulations like car seat requirements are similar to those of other developed countries.

Visitors should not use a cell phone while driving, as the Spanish fine is fairly steep: EUR 150 (USD 180!).

Choosing a car in Mallorca requires a passing knowledge of the European Commission’s car classification guidelines, which classify cars in a manner similar to the United States using the following codes:

A: mini cars
B: small cars
C: medium cars
D: large cars
E: executive cars
F: luxury cars
S: sport coupes
M: multi purpose cars
J: sport utility cars

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