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Health Insurance New Jersey - Finding health insurance in New Jersey - Guaranteed coverage health insurance in New Jersey, Pre-existing conditions

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Looking for health insurance is never easy, and thankfully there are a couple of state options that guarantee people can get health insurance in New Jersey. Of course people who need to purchase individual health insurance can always purchase from a private company, but this may not be an option for some if they have pre-existing health conditions. As with all private health insurance in New Jersey, the price varies widely, according to your overall health. Although it is illegal for health insurance companies to deny coverage outright to anyone, insurance companies can make it very expensive for those who have ongoing health problems. This is where the state plan for health insurance in New Jersey helps fill in the gaps.

Guaranteed coverage health insurance in New Jersey

The Individual Health Coverage Program covers anyone who does not have access to health insurance either through work or a government sponsored plan. New Jersey residents can purchase health insurance through this plan, no matter what their health condition is like. The plans under the individual health insurance can be for a single person, two adults, a family, or one adult and children.

Individuals who purchase a plan under the Individual Health Coverage Program in New Jersey are guaranteed coverage from the provider under an agreement the provider has made with the state government. That coverage is expected to be renewable every year, no matter what health problems the individual may experience.

Pre-existing conditions

People who have pre-existing conditions will have to wait 12 months for the New Jersey health insurance plan to cover their pre-existing condition if the person did not have health insurance for more than 31 days before the day they enrolled in the state program. However, these patients will still be covered for any other health problems they encounter that are outside of their pre-existing condition, and the pre-existing condition will be covered after 12 months of enrollment have passed.

The prices of health insurance in New Jersey

As with health insurance in general, the prices of the plans offered in the Individual Health Coverage Program of New Jersey vary widely, depending on the insurance company, the type of coverage, and the age of the person who is buying it. However, one thing that is noticeably absent is price variances by general health of the person applying.

Companies and types of coverage

There are six different companies that offer insurance under the New Jersey plan. They are Oxford, Horizon, CIGNA, Celtic Life Insurance Company, AmeriHealth, and Aetna.

Usually the standard plans are more expensive than the basic and essential plans. Standard HMO plans that come with a copay for services typically cost more than $700 per month, some even ranging up over $2,000 per month. Standard PPO plans that pay a percentage of your health costs usually range between $200 and $1,000, depending on your age. However, these plans do allow you to get some costs paid even if you see a doctor who is out of your plan’s network. Also standard PPO plans do come with a deductible, which can range from $1,000 to $2,500.

The basic and essential plans are much lower cost, although the variances in prices is far too wide to list because these plans are also priced by what county you live in. Another thing to note about the basic plans is that they do not cover everything. The benefits for these plans are very limited and vary with each company, but the plans do offer a low cost choice for people who need to purchase some kind of coverage.

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