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Mini Cooper Price - Finding the Best Deal on Mini Coopers

What to Look for When Pricing a mini Cooper

choose base model car

Mini Coopers are gaining in popularity. They are youthful and stylish. Mini Coopers are also reasonably priced. When you buy this car, you are getting European comfort and styling. You can get hatchbacks, convertibles or hard tops. The style you choose will determine the price you pay. Each accessory you add will also increase the value of your car.

When you visit the Mini Store, you will have several options that can affect your base price. You can choose a car in your area and negotiate with the salesperson for a good price. Many choose to build a custom Mini Cooper with the accessories they like best. When you choose this option, you can add or remove accessories, seating and paint choices until you get a price you like.

There are five different styles of Mini Cooper. This makes it easy to find one in your price range. Mini Cooper models include the Base, Clubman, Cl;ubman Convertable, John Cooper Works and the John Cooper Works Clubman. The baseline price for a 2010 Mini Cooper Base hatchback, the basic model, is $18,800. Depending on which model you choose you can find a base price for as much as $34,000. You need to remember this is the base model with no upgrades. Each upgrade will cost extra.

Watch when you are picking upgrades because they can add to the Mini Cooper price quickly. Custom pain colors will add an extra $450 to your price. You can also choose from several types of leather seating. Leather seating will cost between $900 and $1800 depending on color and quality. Convertibles are several thousand more than a hard top model. The interior accessories are quite expensive. You can get the premium package that includes sunroof, auto climate control and an upgraded sound system for $1600. A navigation system from the Mini Cooper dealership adds $1200. When picking accessories and upgrades, make sure it is something you have to have. Many of the features can be added cheaper when you purchase them on your own.

If your heart is set on a Mini Cooper, visit the dealership and see what options are available. You can get an inexpensive Mini Cooper. Work with you dealer to get the car you want, then you can negotiate the prices.

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