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Buenos Aires Airfare - Finding the Best Flight to Buenos Aires - Be Flexible, Check Local Argentinean Airlines, Leave from a Bigger City

Tips on Finding the Lowest Airfare to Argentina

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When you are planning your trip to South America, you know you will be spending a large portion of your budget on airline tickets. You will want to get the best prices available for Buenos Aires airfare so you can have more money to enjoy your time there. When you know where to look, you can find cheap international flights.

Be Flexible

The key to finding the best Buenos Aires flight deals is to be flexible in your departure date and time. Many times, you can find the best deals if you can move your vacation by a week. The difference between peak season and off-season can be as simple as moving your vacation by a week. You will find the cheapest flights to Buenos Aires in March, April, October and November. These are considered the off-season for tourism and the flight prices reflect this. You will want to avoid the peak times of December, January, June and July.

Check Local Argentinean Airlines

You will also want to check the local airlines of Argentine, LAN, TACA and Aerolineas Argentinas. These companies fly to the US and offer tickets at a cheaper rate than their American counterparts offer. Check their website and see what deals they are offering. You will want to look at the round trip and one-way tickets. You may find a better deal using separate flights for your trip. A flight from New York to Buenos Aires during peak season can cost $1171 with United and American Airlines. LAN offers the same flight for as little as $743.

Leave from a Bigger City

You will also find better deals when you leave from a larger city. Larger airports have more traffic. This lets them give you better discounts on your tickets than smaller airports that have only one flight departing. You will find traveling to a larger airport can save you hundreds on your airfare.

Check the Competition

Many times finding the best deal is as simple as checking with several airports. You can use a listing of all airlines using online travel agencies like Kayak and Orbitz. Do not take the first offer you see from these sites because prices and flights change daily. Take some time and watch the flight prices until you get one that you cannot pass up.

There are affordable Buenos Aires tickets that you can get to make your trip more affordable. Be flexible in you departure times and you are sure to get a deal that you can use. You know you will snjoy your trip to the birthplace of the Tango. When you get the right deal, you can enjoy yourself more knowing you have more money to spend on your trip.

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