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Kitchen Aid Parts - Fixing Your Kitchen Aid Appliance

Replacing Worn Parts on Your Kitchen Aid Appliance

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Kitchen Aid appliances are built to last. At least that is what their motto says. The truth is every appliance will break eventually. The questions is, do you replace the kitchen aid parts or buy a new appliance? Purchasing replacement parts can be cheap and you can have your appliance working again in no time.

The most popular Kitchen Aid appliance is the stand mixer. When you mixer breaks, most of the time it is because of the age of the parts. Finding the worn part is as simple as taking off the housing cover and inspecting. Most gears located in the housing can easily be replaced with a screwdriver. When you find the worn gear, buy another one and attach it. This is the most common problem with stand mixers. Remember when replacing the gear to apply grease to the gear before put it in place. Gears cost as little at $5 to $10 and will give you years of additional life for your mixer.

Another Kitchen Aid appliance that most people own is a blender. Blenders are used more often than some appliances so they have a tendency to wear quickly. If you find your blender is not working properly, check the blades. When the blades become worn, they will not chop properly. New blades can be purchased for less than $10 and your blender will work like new. When you care changing the blades it is also a good idea to change the seals on the pitcher. You simply unscrew the base of the pitcher and remove the seal and the blades. Put the new parts in place and reattach the bottom.

Kitchen Aid appliances are considered the best money can buy. Many appliances are costly. When you appliance breaks, take some time, find the Kitchen Aid parts, and fix it yourself. Most of the time the parts are inexpensive and you can be cooking again in no time after just a little work.

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