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Flat Panel Wall Mounts - Flat Panel Wall Mounts

Selection and Preparation

installation space features televisions

In the eternal battle between form and function, flat panel wall mounts have risen their heads as inexpensive options for maximizing the space concerns of a TV viewing area.

Combining the space-saving features of earlier generations of small, wall-mounted TVs with the modern space-saving features of flat screen televisions, flat panel wall mounts can make televisions as space-efficient as picture frames. Aesthetically, they foster an image of a technological home, making the television seem to be a part of the structure rather than a freestanding gadget accompanied by the usual mess of cables.

The installation of flat panel wall mounts is a moderately complex home improvement project. Depending on individual levels of handiness, consumers may choose to attempt the installation themselves or to secure a professional contractor.

Whether working with a contractor or relying on personal expertise, the property owner still has a few decisions to make.

Installation can be made significantly easier with good placement. Interior walls are easier to use than exterior walls, which are far more crowded in terms of wiring, support structure, and insulation. Naturally, placement also relies on many other factors: the dimensions of the television, available wall space, and overall room design. While these take higher priority than ease of installation, a good blend of form and function can make the process go more smoothly for all involved.

There is also the matter of electricity to consider. Scrupulous contractors will refuse to run bare electrical wires—a full-fledged outlet is necessary to meet fire safety codes. Some contractors, such as Best Buy’s Geek Squad, will not even agree to an installation unless the outlet is already in place.

The mount itself must also be considered. Though the goal of wall mounts is to not be seen, there are hidden features which can effect which mount is chosen. Size of television is the easiest variable to account for—mount sizes grow in size and stability proportionate to the televisions they contain.

Many flat panel wall mounts can also provide a range of motion, ranging from minor tilting to full motion provided by a three-jointed steel arm. Alternatively, a low-profile or ultra slim wall mount can be chosen, tucking the screen so neatly against the wall that it seems like an electronic piece of wallpaper.

The price of wall mounts ranges from $80 to $300. If contracted, the installation will cost $300 or more depending on the cost of living in the area.

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