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Florida Labor Law - Florida Labor Law for Employees of All Ages - Florida Labor Laws Regarding Minimum Wage, Sickle-cell Trait Testing

union hours limit residents

Florida, similar to other states, not only abides by the federal laws but also has its own labor laws for its residents. These laws only apply to Florida residents though there may not be much difference between them and the laws in place in other states. Residents who are looking to become a part of the workforce or coming back after a long time should have some knowledge of Florida labor law so that they understand their legal rights and boundaries as employees.

Florida Labor Laws Regarding Minimum Wage

Florida has the minimum wage limit set by federal government for employees. The local government re-evaluates this limit on a yearly basis for making any necessary adjustments. Any organization that pays its employees less than the state minimum wage limit can be fined and potentially shut down if it continues to set its own limits. Employees who previously worked below the minimum wage have the right to demand retroactive payment for the work they completed at the lower than minimum wage.

Sickle-cell Trait Testing

The state makes it mandatory for all companies, persons and agencies to not show any discrimination towards individuals who are carriers of the sickle-cell trait. The sickle-cell trait indicates the presence of sickle-cell disease which can be responsible for several physical ailments such as kidney cancer, migraines, and severe dehydration and exhaustion, especially in hot weather conditions. Having the sickle-cell trait does not mean that the person will develop the disease. According to state law, employers cannot test their employees for the trait, and refuse employment because of the trait.

Right to Work

Florida is a right to work state, which means that no one can force an employee to become a member of or resign from a labor union. There are no negative consequences associated with joining a labor union or resigning from it on behalf of either the employer or the union. A resignation from a union will mean that the employee will not be able to collect any unused membership fees and will no longer receive any benefits from the union, such as legal services.

Child Labor Law in Florida

Florida labor law for children is applicable to all employees18 and younger. The minimum age for employment in Florida is 14. Children under 16 are allowed to work 15 hours a week during school year; those above 16 can work for 30 hours. During the summer months, a maximum of 40 hours with shifts no longer than eight hours is allowed. A break of 30 minutes for every four hours worked is mandatory.

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