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All businesses, big and small, will have the need to create business plans many times during their existence. These are essentially statements of business goals, but involve a great deal more work than simply making a business wish list. There are many different ways to make business plans, depending on the business, why it is making the plan, and the size of the company. They can include past, present, and future cash flow statements, multi-year financial projections, ways to raise capital, strategic planning, marketing ideas, sales tactics, forecasts, and assessments. Due to the complexity of writing business plans, there are many kinds of business-planning software out in the market. You can pay a lot of money for some of these programs, but you can also find many plan-writing programs, tools and resources for free. Most are for Windows operating systems, but some and open source or made for Macs.

PlanWare Business Plan Freeware

The PlanWare website has a number of free programs you can use to help work out and write your next business plan. Exl-Plan Free works with Excel to create projected income statement, balance sheets and cash-flow projections for up to two years in advance. The software also includes a business plan template which can be used with Word and a 150-page business plan guide. PlanWare also offers Cashflow Plan Free, another Excel-based program, which can create plans for short-term projects, and Free-Plan, a 48-page Word template which comes with a large Help file and 100-page pdf. The PlanWare page also has several online business plan resources, including a free strategic planner and a business planner for making a five- or six-page outline.

Capital Business Plan Free

Capital Business Plan Free is a program offered at Biz Plan.Com. It is online-based, so there is nothing to download and users of all operating systems can take advantage of it. Written plans are saved to an online database and covers six business plan sections. The program automatically organizes your plan in a professional format, and allows you to download a free three-year financial projection document for Excel.

Small Business Administration’s Online Business Planner

The United States Small Business Administration has a helpful online small business planner on the official SBA website. The planner can not only help owners write a business plan, but also includes resources concerning getting licenses and permits, paying taxes, understanding markets and fair price, getting insurance, selling the business and transferring ownership. The business plan guide has sections for finding your own niche, essentials of a good business plan and how to write one. The SBA also offers an online business plan workshop.

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