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Wood Stove Accessories - Get More Out of Your Stove with Wood Stove Accessories - Wood Stove Fans, Woodstove Steamer, Stove Scents, Thermometer

Wood Stove Accessories Offer a Variety of Features

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If you don’t have any wood stove accessories, you are not allowing your stove to reach its full potential. Don’t hold your stove back. Let it become a major part of your home by adding some accessories.

Wood Stove Fans

Wood stove fans take the heat from the stove and spread it around the room. They create their own electricity, so you don’t have to worry about plugging them into an outlet. In addition, these fans help save wood while still providing a great deal of warmth around the house. One of the top wood stove fan brands is Ecofan. It can be purchased online on Amazon and various other sites.

Woodstove Steamer

Wood stove steamers put moisture into the air. You put water in the steamer, and then it emits steam that flows throughout the home. If you have sinus problems, you can benefit from this type of humidifier.

These steamers come in a variety of designs. You can get a ship, animal or another design. Plow & Hearth has a large variety of wood stove steamers.

Stove Scents

Do you want your house to smell wonderful? If so, you can purchase liquid fragrances. You will place a few drops of the fragrance in the wood stove streamer. Then, the fragrance will waft throughout the home. There is a variety of fragrances available, so you can find one that you like. You can also mix up your fragrances so your home always has a fresh smell you and your guests will enjoy. Several online stores sell these fragrances, including the Woodstock Soapstone Company.


You need to keep your stove at the right temperature to avoid damage. A thermometer will allow you to keep an eye on the temperature so you can adjust it accordingly. When you use a thermometer, you will be able to increase the lifespan of your wood stove, so you can use it for years to come. The ChimGuard Energy Meter Wood Stove Thermometer is a durable thermometer. It is available at several online retailers, including Amazon.

Wood stove accessories are affordable, and they serve a variety of functions. From protecting your stove to moistening the air, you can do several things with these accessories.

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