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Federal Credit Report - Getting Your Federal Credit Report - Free Annual Report, Other circumstances

You can Get Your Federal Credit Report for Free

information reports reporting act

When the federal government enacted the Fair Credit Reporting Act, they made it easier for people to obtain their credit reports. This act allows people to get a free report, and to have instant access to any information that has kept them from getting jobs or credit.

Free Annual Report

According to the Fair Credit Reporting Act, United States citizens are allowed one free report each year from the three major credit-reporting bureaus. They have to go to AnnualCreditReport.com and input their identifying information. Then, they are given access to their free credit reports. People can look at the information, dispute any inaccuracies and file it away for their records.

Other circumstances

If you have already received your free credit report, you may be able to get another one within the same year. If a company has denied you credit, insurance or employment based on your credit report, you have sixty days to ask for a free credit report. The sixty days will begin as soon as you receive the notice of the denial. Once you receive the notice, look to see which agency the company contacted. Then, contact that agency and ask them for your free report. They will have to send it to you immediately. Make sure the information on the report is accurate. If it is not, dispute the information. You need to get it off your record so you are not denied credit or employment again.

It is important to stay on top of your credit report. You never know when you might have inaccurate information on your report. Because of that, you need to get your free reports, and always ask for a report when someone takes an adverse action against you. That way, you will not have any surprises on your credit report.

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