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Black Book Club - Good Book Choices for Your Book Club

Must Reads for Your Next Book Club Meeting

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Because of Oprah, everyone wants to be in a book club. When you join a book club, you will gain insight into new authors and have an outlet to discuss what you are reading. Today, African Americans are creating clubs where they can discuss black authors and books pertaining to African American topics. The Black Book Club gives readers the chance to find a new favorite author. It also gives them an outlet to discuss pressing issues in the black community.

First, you need to find a black book club. Go to MossaicBooks.com. You will find a list of black book clubs. Simply click on a nearby city and you will find a book club.

After you find a book club, you will need to prepare to read some books. One of the most popular books out today is Push. Everyone has heard of the award-winning movie created from this novel written by Sapphire. Before Passion hit the big screen, this book was climbing to the top of the New York Times Best Sellers List. Push brings you through the life of Precious. Precious is sixteen, illiterate and being abused by her father in Harlem. When she finds herself pregnant with her second child by her father, she finds the push she needs to take back her life.

A great read for any book club is Red Hats. When most people find that famed comic, Damon Wayans, wrote a book they expect a hysterical read. The truth is, while the book does have some funny moments, the poignant story of the main character, Alma, will bring tears to your eyes. In Red Hats, you will hear of the love of Alma and Harold. When Harold dies, Alma relives their life together and regrets every unkind work she has spoken to Harold. When feels she cannot go on without him, she meets the women of the Red Hat Club. Through her friendships in this quirky club, she learns to forgive herself and accept love and friendship into her life.

Perfect Peace by Daniel Black is the story of Emma Jean. Emma lived a life of mental and physical abuse at the hands of her mother. The first chance she gets, Emma marries Gustavus and begins a life filled with love. Emma yearns to have a little daughter she can love and cherish. She and Gus have six boys. When her seventh boy is born, she disguises the baby as a girl. Perfect lives as a girl for eight years before her identity is discovered and he is forced to live as a boy. This book will take you through the raw emotions of abuse through the flawed eyes a victim who copes with the life the only way she knows how.

Book clubs are bringing reading back into the lives of millions of people. Joining a Black book club will give you the opportunity to read books you would have never picked up and discuss them with like-minded people.

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