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Grand Island Hotels - Grand Island Hotels and Resorts - Grand Island Hotels at Lucaya, Hotels in Downtown Freeport

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A trip to the Bahamas is always a great time of relaxation and fun, but there are so many Grand Island hotels to choose from that finding a place to stay can be somewhat difficult. The first thing to do when looking for a place to stay on Grand Bahama Island is learn about the various parts of the island.

Grand Island Hotels at Lucaya

Lucaya is one part of the Grand Island that has really attracted a wide array of hotels. There is the Radisson Our Lucaya resort, which offers everything that comes to mind when thinking of Radisson hotels, in addition to the Radisson’s Reef Village, which offers two championship golf courses and family-friendly activities like a wading pool and sand playground.

For those who want a smaller hotel with a lot of personality, the Pelican Bay at Lucaya is the perfect place. Pelican Bay is one of the newest boutique hotels on the Grand Island, and it features a combination of Danish and Caribbean design. It is also right next to Port Lucaya Marketplace, which holds more than 30 restaurants, shops, live entertainment, and more.

Hotels in Downtown Freeport

Travelers who want to be in the middle of all the action should really consider staying in downtown Freeport, which is a free trade zone. Freeport is close to the Lucaya area, but the hotels in the downtown area are usually just minutes away from the airport.

Those who want to go to the Bahamas without dropping a lot of cash on a place to stay should really look into the Island Palm Resort. It is located in downtown Freeport, and the amenities are very basic. Travelers do not have access to many of the luxurious activities available at other hotels, but the Island Palm Resort does offer a very affordable option for those who just want to enjoy the beach for a much lower price than other hotels and resorts.

Hotels Located Just Outside of Freeport

There are also plenty of Grand Bahama Island hotels located just outside of Freeport. One of our top picks for the outer Freeport area is the Flamingo Bay Hotel and Marina at Taino Beach. This hotel offers a huge 20,000 square foot pool and a 103 foot waterslide. There is also a splash area for small children, which makes this hotel the perfect choice for families with young kids.

Other great hotel choices that take you a bit further out of the Freeport area also offer marinas. Anyone who has a boat they want to use during their vacation will certainly want to opt for one of these. Be sure if you choose to enter the Bahamas via your private boat that the hotel you choose is an official port of entry. Old Bahama Bay is one marina hotel that is located on the far West End, and there is plenty of access for private boats to enter. The hotel is an official port of entry and has on-site customs and immigration services.

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