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Greek Theater Los Angeles - Greek Theater: The Premiere Outdoor Event Venue of Los Angeles - History and Management of the Greek Theater

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If you are going to an outdoor concert in Los Angeles, chances are that it will be held at the Greek Theater. The Los Angeles Greek Theater is the premiere outdoor venue for musical concerts and stage events. The theater is located among the trees of Griffith Park and holds a lot Los Angeles’ rich history of live entertainment. The venue has a 5,801 seats and a top capacity of 6,162, so concerts are experienced in a much more intimate setting than at stadium venues. The theater was designed by some of the top sound technicians in the business, so acoustics have been fine-tuned to perfection. Pollstar Magazine has called the theater America’s Best Small Outdoor Venue.

The Greek attracts the biggest names in contemporary music as well as the all-time greats. Some of the recent performers to hit the stage at The Greek include the following:

• Elton John
• The Who
• Sting
• Paul Simon
• Pearl Jam
• The White Stripes
• Santana
• Alicia Keys
• Dave Mathews Band

History and Management of the Greek Theater

The Greek Theater in Los Angeles was built in 1929 by Griffith J. Griffith, a self-made millionaire and immigrant from South Wales. Turning from gold mining to farming, Griffith wanted to give something back to Los Angeles, the city that had been so kind to him. He had donated 3,000 acres of his own land to the city for a recreational park in 1896 but felt it was incomplete. The opening presentation at the Greek Theater was held in 1931 and included both classical and contemporary music and an act from the famous play by Sophocles, Oedipus Rex.

Although the Greek Theater is owned by the city of Los Angeles, management of the venue was contracted out to the family-owned, boutique promotion company run by James Nederlander. It has been under this direction that Griffith’s dream finally came to fruition. The Nederlander Organization gave the venue its legendary status, and the company continues to manage, promote, and book all the events in the Greek Theater, today.

Greek Theater Tickets and Box Office

Tickets for all Greek Theater events can be purchased from the official box office at the following location: 2700 North Vermont Canyon, Griffith Park, Los Angeles, CA 90027. The box office open weekdays from noon to 6 pm and on weekends from 10 am to 4 pm. Ticket booths are closed on all national holidays.

Tickets for shows at the Greek Theater in Los Angeles can also be purchased through all Ticketmaster outlets and Ticketmaster online. Los Angeles Ticketmaster outlets can be found at many Macy’s department stores, Wherehouse Music, and Ritmo Latino. Additionally, tickets can be purchased through Ticketmaster by phone at 213-480-3232 and 714-740-2000.

If possible, it is recommended to purchase tickets directly from the box office, as their service charge in only $3.00. The Ticketmaster convenience charge is much higher.

Tickets for sold-out shows can also be purchased at several online ticket exchange agencies. These tickets are often priced much higher than the original ticket price but in some cases it is the only way to find tickets for the most popular events and concerts at the Greek Theater.

V.I.P. Seating at the Greek Theater

For those who can afford it, the Greek Theater offers some of the best V.I.P. seating of any venue in the United States. V.I.P. tickets come in three varieties: Box Suites, Preferred Patron Seats, and the Personal Seat License.

Box Suites

Box Suite tickets for event-goers who want the ultimate experience. Box seating can accommodate up to six people at a private tables with personal waiter service on the VIP deck. VIP parking is included. Amenities include pre-show appetizers, free desserts and coffee during the show, and exclusive menu items.

Preferred Patron Seats

Preferred Patron Seats are season tickets to every performance in a single year. The Greek Theater hosts up to 55 shows per year. All seats are in the A-section, closest to the stage. Amenities include automatic ticket mailing, access to exclusive parking, and VIP deck access with complimentary appetizers, desserts, and coffee.

V.I.P. Personal Seat License

The Personal Seat License is a membership program that allows the purchase of A-section or B-section seat tickets for any show of the season. Ticket availability is always guaranteed. Amenities include VIP deck access with complimentary food and drink items.

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