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Tahoe Cabin Rentals - Guide to Booking a Lake Tahoe cabin rental

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Lake Tahoe is famous for being the largest alpine lake in North America and having 99.9% pure water. The lake was originally known as ‘Daowaga’ by the Washoe tribe. People visiting Tahoe have the choice of experiencing North or South Tahoe. The north shore is famous for skiing options at resorts like the Squaw Valley while the south shore boasts of several recreational activities like casinos and water sports.

Apart from the crystal clear Lake Tahoe, other attractions include the Tahoe Paradise Park, which is excellent for fishing and wake boarding. In addition to this, do not miss out on the Gatekeeper’s Cabin Museum on the south bank of the Truckee River. It is an original cabin dating back to 1907.

If you are planning a vacation to Lake Tahoe, choose to stay at a cabin rental instead of a hotel or resort. You will find cabin rentals around the areas of Irvine Village, Tahoe City, Crystal Bay and more.

Choose a rental on the lakefront or with a view of the gorgeous snow capped mountains. They are ideal for a family vacation and for honeymooners because they offer privacy and comfort. You will not have to hang a ‘do not disturb’ sign at the door to avoid housekeeping staff.

Lake Tahoe has 25 designated camping areas including the ‘wild’ Sierra Pines. The official North Lake Tahoe website offers information on designated camping spots in the area. You can also find lodges in campgrounds for rent. A cabin rental in a campground allows easy accessibility to hiking trails and is a feast for nature enthusiasts.

From time to time, Lake Tahoe organizes several events such as wine tasting and discounts on cabin rentals. Planning your trip during this time will enable you to save money while enjoying your vacation.

Cabin rentals offer facilities such as two or more bedrooms, hot tubs, pool tables, large decks and patios, wireless internet and a fully functional kitchen. For a complete private stay, choose a cabin rental by owner. These are privately owned houses which the owners rent out during specific seasons. It is not the same as house swapping but these cabin rentals are more personal.

If you want the benefits of housekeeping and dinner services, you can choose cabin rentals that function like hotels. Typically, this would be a large area with 7-8 cabins that are let out. This gives you the opportunity to socialize with other guests through group activities that the hotel conducts such as barbecue dinners and campfires.

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