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Midwest City Hotels - Guide to Midwest City Hotels - Standard Options, Budget Options

tinker diagonal western super

Part of the greater Oklahoma City area, Midwest City sits flush to Tinker Air Force Base and receives a steady supply of visitors due to the enlisted men who live there. Several Midwest City hotels cater to these visitors’ needs. The hotels are very similar to one another, making the two most controllable factors location and budget.

The majority of Midwest City hotels are located along I-40, the highway that divides Midwest City from Tinker. The two closest hotels are the Super 8 and the Best Western, both a mere stone’s throw away from the base. Further up I-40, seven more similar hotels offer lodging in increments away from base.

The two hotels near Tinker represent the other main choice in choosing Midwest City hotels: budget.

The Super 8 represents the bottom-barrel “bargain,” with rooms starting at $50 and a generally poor reputation due to various maintenance problems like lack of water, cockroaches, and mold. Further up I-40, Studio 6 and Motel 6 both offer comparable prices with similar faults.

The other hotels—Holiday Comfort, Hampton, Hawthorn Suites, Best Western, and Sheraton Midwest City—all offer prices starting at $95. Even as the price doubles, the quality triples—these are all clean, well-maintained hotels, especially when compared to the budget options. Best Western in particular offers the same proximity to Tinker that Super 8 does, which makes it a first pick for visiting military families who have chosen against the budget route.

Standard Options

Best Western
6701 Tinker Diagonal
(405) 737-6060‎

Holiday Inn
1700 South Sooner Road
(405) 736-1000‎

Comfort Inn
5653 Tinker Diagonal
(405) 733-1339‎

Hampton Inn
1833 Center Drive
(405) 732-5500‎

Hawthorn Suites
5701 Tinker Diagonal
(405) 737-7777‎

Sheraton Midwest City Hotel
5750 Will Rogers Road
(405) 455-1800‎

Budget Options

Super 8
6821 Southeast 29th Street
(405) 737-8880‎

Motel 6
6166 Tinker Diagonal
(405) 737-6676

Studio 6
5801 Tinker Diagonal
(405) 737-8851

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