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Harley Davidson Sportster Parts - Harley Davidson Sportster Parts and Accessories

Customizing Your Harley Sportster with Accessories

look bike leather seat

Motorcycle enthusiasts are always looking for the best deal on a Harley. You can find a great deal when you buy a Harley Sportster used. The Harley dealerships have used Sportsters available. If you buy a used motorcycle, take a few added steps and customize it. Buying a few Harley Sportster parts can give you the look and feel you want in your new Harley.

You can give your Harley a new look when you switch out the seat cover. This is a simple step, but will give your bike a custom look. Seat covers can cost you as little as $30. The Harley leather solo seat cover comes with hand tooled leather and studding. This can give your bike an old school look. Another alternative is getting a leather seat with a wide touring pillow. Both of these choices will upgrade the look of your Harley Sportster.

Another option to give you a custom look is a luggage rack and tank bib. A luggage rack install in minutes. A tank bib comes in black and brown leather. For added edge, get one with studs on the outer edges. Bibs are also easy to install. You simply strap them to you tank and you will immediately have the custom look you want.

An accessory that will customize the look of your bike and you will use daily is a throw over saddlebag. Saddlebags cost approximately $250. You simply position the bags over the back bumper and they sit on either side of the bike. Saddlebags come in a variety of sizes and styles. The traditional Express Rider saddlebag found at the Harley Davidson store. It is simple leather with straps and silver buckets. You can even find expensive bags made from high-end leather with structure. When you add bags to your bike, you will get the custom look that will get you noticed.

Buying a second hand bike can save you money. You want to get the best bike you can for the money. When you get a used bike, you will want to take time and customize it to make it look like a bike you will ride.

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