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Harry Potter Clothing - Harry Potter Clothing for Your Little Wizard - Buying Harry Potter Clothing, Making Harry Potter Clothes

Finding and Making Harry Potter Clothes for Your Children

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Children love Harry Potter. Surprise your little wizard with Harry Potter clothing reminiscent of the movies. Harry Potter is a favorite among boys and girls and many companies are trying to cash in on his popularity. Many companies offer authentic Harry Potter clothes you can buy. A lot of the clothing at these stores can be quite expensive. If your child wants to dress like Harry Potter, you have two choices: buy clothes from an online store or make the outfit.

Buying Harry Potter Clothing

The easy way to get Harry Potter clothing is to buy it from a retailer. Many stores have popped up which sell realistic outfits from the movies. When you visit one of the stores, you will have many choices of Harry Potter clothes. You can buy student gear, teacher gear and items from all of the Hogwarts houses. At some stores, you can even buy clothes to wear daily like scarves, hats and t-shirts.

If you choose student gear, you will have a choice between scarves from each of the houses. You can also buy silk neckties like the ones worn in the movie. They also offer the pointy hats that each student wears to class. The teacher gear includes the hats worn by the teachers at Hogwarts. These hats are exactly what you need for the perfect Harry Potter costume for Halloween.

Most of the stores also offer magical clothing from the Harry Potter series. Children will love owning their very own sorting hat. You can even buy the wandering eye of Mad Eye Moody. These items will make great keepsakes for your children whether they use them as a costume or daily wear.

Making Harry Potter Clothes

If you do not want to spend the money on Harry Potter clothes, you can make realistic costumes. Look at your local second hand shops for a black robe. You can make a black robe if you cannot find one to buy. This is the main part of the costume for Harry Potter. You will also need a white dress shirt. It is a good idea to use an old shirt in case it gets messed up. Since Harry Potter is a member of Gryffindor, you will need a maroon and gold tie. When you visit the thrift store, you will also want to buy a gray vest. Add a pair of black pants and you will have everything you need to a Harry Potter outfit.

Let you child live out his magical fantasy with Harry Potter clothes. Whether you make the costume or buy it, your child will have the time of their life in the make-believe world of Harry Potter.

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