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Meeting Planner Jobs - Have a Fun and Exciting Career as a Meeting Planner

How to Become a Certified Event Planner

event planning planners experience

Planning a meeting can be a nightmare. You have to plan the menu, invite the guests, find a location and take care of all the details before your guests arrive. Meeting planners are in high demand for corporate and personal events. If you thrive in this atmosphere, you are the perfect candidate for meeting planner jobs.

A degree is not necessary to become a successful event planner, but it can add credentials to your position. You may even find it easier to find an event planner job when certified or have a degree in hotel management or hospitality management. The median salary for event planners is $40,000 and can increase when you have made a name for yourself and can garner more jobs. The best part of becoming an event planner is you will always have opportunities for employment. There will always be parties and conventions to be planned, although in worse economies you may have smaller budgets to work with.

Party planners are in charge of all aspects of planning a party. You are given a budget and explained the nature of the party. It is your responsibility to find the venue, entertainment, plan the menu for the party, and stay within budget. If it is a business function, you will also have to contact local hotels and negotiate discounts for attendees. It will also be your responsibility to determine the success of the event afterward.

Several online schools offer certification programs in meeting planning. Before you apply for these schools, research each school’s program. Online meeting planning courses will teach you the steps to planning a successful event. You will take courses in registration procedures, time management, creating schedules and meeting objectives. Many of the courses require you set up a small event to put your knowledge to the test.

As a meeting planner you will work closely with hotels, event venues, caterers and decorators. You will want to build a network of affiliates in the hospitality industry. When you are faced with a short timeline, this network can make planning your event easy.

When looking for a job as a planner, look for companies who are hiring full time planners. Many corporations are looking for people with planning experience to help with all of their events. If you don’t have any experience, get involved with your church, community group, or local government and help them plan their next function. This experience can give you relevant experience to include on your resume and discuss during interviews. Non-profit organizations are also looking for meeting planners.

Meeting planner jobs are fun and exciting. Becoming a meeting planner can be as simple as a little education and planning one good event.

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