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Health Insurance International Student - Health Insurance—International Student Insurance Plans - Student Secure, Citizen Secure

medical expenses available coinsurance

When searching for health insurance international student plans there are usually many options available. Given below is a comparison between two of these options:

Student Secure

Student Secure provides health insurance international student plans to students who want to study in the US or any other country of the world. Their plans are available to full-time students and the terms are renewable monthly. The deductible is $100 per injury/illness and PPO (Preferred Provider Organization) contract is not required but available. Student Secure also offers coinsurance plans; the coinsurance expenses will be waived if expenses are incurred within the PPO for the Student Secure Select plans. But, the coinsurance will not be waived within the PPO if the student selects the Student Secure Budget plan. Coinsurance is not available outside the US.

The covered medical expenses include: inpatient and outpatient hospital expenses; physician charges, and any medical specialist to whom the physician has referred the case; dressing, cast or other expenses related to supplies prescribed by the attending physician or medical specialist, excluding diabetic supplies, oxygen tanks, nebulizers, and all devices that will be use repeatedly at home; diagnostic testing expenses related to ultrasonographic, radiology, or laboratory services; charges for oxygen and other gases and anesthetics and their administration; prescription drugs charges for a covered illness or injury, excluding replacement of damaged, expired, lost, stolen, or otherwise compromised drugs; licensed extended care facility charges made upon direct transfer from an acute care hospital; emergency local ambulance transport incurred in relation to illness or injury that results in inpatient hospitalization; and returning of minor children.

The special coverage available with Student Secure includes maternity. Special coverage is provided if conception is after the effective date of the policy.

Citizen Secure

Citizen Secure provides International Major Medical Insurance coverage to students and non-students.the terms are annual and PPO is not required but available. The deductible amount ranges from $250 to $5,000 per year. Coinsurance is available and it will be waived if the expenses are incurred within the PPO for the plan. Similar to Student Secure, the coinsurance option is not available outside the US.

The medical benefits of this health insurance international student plan include: hospital charges, medical expenses, outpatient medical, rehabilitative care, chemotherapy/radiation, prescription drugs, surgery, second medical opinion, and transplants. The emergency care benefits include: medical evacuation, emergency reunion, repatriation, local ambulance, and returning minor children.

The special coverage provided includes supplemental accident and maternity. Citizen Secure health insurance international student plan provides maternity care after 1 year of continuous coverage.

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