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Health Insurance Kaiser - Health Insurance—Kaiser Permanente - Kaiser Insurance Benefits, Group Health Insurance Plans, Small Business Plans, Copayment Plans

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Kaiser Permanente is the leading Health Maintenance Organization (HMO) in the US with more than eight million members. It claims to provide quality, affordable health insurance. Kaiser provides online service to customers, which enable them to get insurance quotations, compare health plans and apply for insurance.

Kaiser Insurance Benefits

Kaiser Health insurance provides coverage within the state where its customers have coverage as well as anywhere in the world they go. In such situations Kaiser Permanente provides health care in any medical facility where its customer is treated. The health insurance coverage includes: doctor visits, hospital care, physical, vision, and hearing exams, maternity care, prenatal care, prescription drugs, surgery and emergency services.

Interested individuals can go to the Kaiser website to view the rates of different plans of health insurance Kaiser has to offer. Greater coverage generally means higher premiums. While selecting a plan, one should consider factors, such as visits to the doctor. After considering the factors involved, one may desire a lower monthly premium or select a plan that offers more coverage. Kaiser claims to provide instant quotes.

Group Health Insurance Plans

Kaiser Permanente has several group health plans for all types of employers, from small to medium-sizes, to multistate or national. In order to get a health plan quote from Kaiser that is according to their needs, the employer needs to find their business size and select their location.

Small Business Plans

Small business health insurance plans that Kaiser provides are designed for businesses that have 50 employees or less. Small companies can view the health plans available in their region by visiting the Kaiser website and entering their location.

Copayment Plans

Group copayment plans require no medical deductibles and nearly no paperwork. Employees covered with these plans will have copayments for prescription drugs and low cost office visits. The coverage provided by these plans include copayments for emergency, surgery, doctor visits, prescription drugs, etc.

Deductible Plans

Kaiser’s deductible plans for small business have affordable monthly premiums and provide some benefits before the deductible is met. More used benefits, such as prescription drugs and visits to the doctor are covered immediately after enrollment. For primary and specialty care visits, the individual only needs copayment which is not subject to the deductible.

The $30/$1,500 deductible health insurance Kaiser offers is only available with at least one copayment plan. Only groups that have two or more eligible employees can take advantage of this plan.

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