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California Automobile Association - History and Benefits of the California State Automobile Association - History of the California Automobile Association

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The California Automobile Association, also known as AAA Northern California, offers car services in the areas of Northern California, Utah and Nevada. It has been a surprisingly influential organization over the years. The association began as a simple gathering of auto enthusiasts in San Francisco, but then became over time the Automobile Club of California, which helped pass state-wide car legislation concerning motor vehicles in the state. Previous to this, local jurisdictions were primarily responsible for regulating vehicles, which led to tangled, every-changing mess of differing rules throughout California. Eventually, the Automobile Club of California joined with the state affiliation of the American Automobile Association and turned into the California State Automobile Association. This group, the CSAA, sent cartographers out to survey the roads of the state, resulting in the first set of road maps in 1909. The CSAA is also responsible for producing and posting hundreds of the first traffic signs in California, and continued on with this endeavor until it was taken over by the state in the 1950s. Though AAA is now also well-known for its home insurance, the CSAA did not start offering this until 1974.

Benefits of Joining the California State Automobile Association

Members of the CSAA enjoy a number of benefits, not all of them for their cars. They are entitled to participate in all the benefits available members of AAA, which include property insurance, life insurance, vehicle insurance and emergency road service. Some services for which you would have to go down to the state Department of Motor Vehicles office to take care of can now be done at AAA offices, such as vehicle registration renewal. Ownership transfer is available in California only, along with the ability to order replacement license plates or ask for vanity plants, and ordering duplicate titles, stickers or proof of registration. In Nevada, members can get copies of their driver history and pay insurance reinstatement fees at their closest AAA office. AAA also has a large number of vehicle inspection locations, car repair shops, and auto body repair facilities.

California State Automobile Association Travel Benefits

Members of CSAA also receive a number of travel benefits. These mostly take the form of discounts offered across the country. Members of AAA can get lower rates at a number of RV parks across the United States. Many hotels also offer lower rates for members. AAA also offers different travel insurance plans, which can cover lost baggage, lost tickets, legal or medical emergencies, rental car protection, travel delays and cancellations.

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