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West Wing Episode Guide - History of "The West Wing" - The West Wing, The West Wing’s Reception, Awards for The West Wing

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The West Wing was an American political drama which ran for seven years, from 1999 to 2006. The west wing of the title refers to the West Wing of the White House, where the Oval Office and all the offices of the president’s most senior staff are located. The West Wing television show concerned the daily problems of fictional president Josiah Bartlet’s administration, including health scares, scandals, and international intrigue. Josiah Bartlet served two terms before the series was over, and the last year concerned itself with the election of a new president.

The West Wing’s Reception

The West Wing was popular with critics, audiences and former White House staff. While the show is not a completely realistic portrait of life in the White House, former employees have praised the way the show captures the feel of working there. A former White House Press Secretary, Dee Dee Myers, served as one of the show’s consultants. Other staffers and speechwriters such as Gene Sperling and Peggy Noonan also helped with the show. While the show gained acclaim for its authentic feel, some critics complained that the characters were too naive and politically unspoiled to be believable. Even so, most of the show’s viewers found its positive attitude about public service and politicians afters years of cynical and negative media portrayal refreshing.

Awards for The West Wing

The show was created by Aaron Sorkin, who wrote many of the episodes from the first four seasons. Sorkin left the show after the fourth year, and his role as executive producer was given to John Wells. Ratings for the show dropped after the departure of Sorkin, but stayed good enough to keep the show on the air for another three seasons. In the end, The West Wing ended up winning 27 Emmy Awards and three Golden Globe Awards. Nine of the Emmys were won in the first season alone, the highest amount ever received by a television series in the first season. The West Wing has, in fact, won more Emmy awards than all other shows on TV, except three: Cheers, Frasier, and the Mary Tyler Moore Show. The drama also was Peabody Awards in 1999 and 2000 for excellence in broadcasting, and stars Martin Sheen and Allison Janney also won Screen Actors Guild awards for best actor and best actress for the show.

The West Wing Cast and Episode Guide

Veteran film actor Martin Sheen portrayed good president Josiah Bartlet for the entire run of the series. Other cast members came and went, including Stockard Channing as Josiah’s wife, Allison Janney as the White House Press Secretary, and Richard Schiff, Josh Malina, Mary McCormick, Brad Whitford, Jimmy Smits, Moira Kelly, Rob Lowe, John Goodman, and John Spencer as other staff members, politicians, and speech writers. Viewers interested in knowing more about the show and in various episodes can find several complete listings online. The West Wing Episode Guide has every episode categorized by season, along with a list of awards and credits. Epguides also has listings for the entire run of the show, and West Wing Ep Guide.Com lists all the shows by title.

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