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Holiday Rentals Uk - Holiday Rental Accommodations in the UK - Holiday Rentals in England, Holiday Rentals in Northern Ireland

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When most people think of vacation accommodations, they think of hotels. However, there are other options for places to stay when taking a break. The United Kingdom in particular abounds in holiday rentals, often called “self-catering accommodations”. These are usually small houses or apartments set in scenic areas, often out in the country. Holiday rentals of this type in the UK are suitable for anyone who would prefer to not spend their off-time in a sterile hotel room. They are especially good for families, or people who would prefer, or need, to make their own meals while away from home. Holiday rental cottages can be more expensive than hotels, but you gain much in the way of comfort, privacy and independence.

Holiday Rentals in England

When looking for a self-catering cottage in England, don’t limit yourself only to the London area. England is an incredibly beautiful country, with large areas of green, unspoiled outdoors. You can find guest houses in Yorkshire, the Isle of Man, the Midlands, the Cumbria area and the Cotswolds. If you go in the off-season, you can also get incredible deals. The Bittern Lodge, a three-bedroom, lakeview cottage in Lincolnshire which sleeps eight, has rates starting at only 80 pounds, or $120 – little more than one night in a mid-priced hotel in the US. If you don’t need so much room, a one-bedroom apartment in the Elham Valley, close to Canterbury, starts at 38 pounds per night, or $57. A two-bedroom apartment in the the gorgeous Cotswolds hills, Oxforshire, furnished with leather sofas and close to pubs and restaurants, can go for as little as 69 pounds, $103.

Holiday Rentals in Northern Ireland

Many holiday rentals services arrange their accommodations in Northern Ireland by county rather than city. In Antrim county, which contains Belfast, you can find two bedroom-apartments, with gym and pool access, for 70 to 90 pounds ($105-$135) per night. A three-bedroom garden-view cottage in the city of Portballintrae starts at 60 pounds, while in Down county, a one-bedroom cottage with a patio and garden within ten miles of six 18-hole golf courses begins at 50 pounds per night, or only 210 pounds per week.

Holiday Rentals in Scotland

Holiday rentals in Scotland are usually categorized by region, such as the Highlands, islands, Speyside, Argyll, and Edinburgh and the Lothians. Self-catering cottages and apartments in Scotland can also be surprisingly affordable, compared to hotel rooms, although in general, they do cost a bit more than those in England or Northern Ireland. You can find a pet-friendly three-bedroom, two bath house, with a garden, wood-burning stove, patio and barbecue near Aberdeen which starts at 295 pounds ($443) per week during the off-season, or a one-bedroom apartment in the Highlands, set inside St. Benedict’s Abbey and with views of Loch Ness, beginning at 250 pounds per week.

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