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Baltimore Homes For Sale - Homes for Sale in Baltimore, Maryland - Homes for Sale in East Baltimore, Homes for Sale in Western Baltimore

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Moving to a new city like Baltimore, Maryland is always a huge undertaking, and finding Baltimore homes for sale can be overwhelming. The city is so big that there are always plenty of homes for sale, so finding the right one can be a bit difficult. However, this task is made much easier by understanding a bit about the city of Baltimore.

In general, the locals divide Baltimore into the east and west sides of town. Charles Street is the dividing line for east and west, and Baltimore Street is the dividing line for north and south. Each part of the city has its own characteristics, some of which may appeal to you more than others.

Homes for Sale in East Baltimore

Although Baltimore as a whole is quite diverse, the eastern part of the city is still largely African American. Some parts of the east side have very high crime rates, so it is important to consider the crime rate in the specific neighborhood you are considering. However, Johns Hopkins Hospital and the Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine are also located on the east side of the city, so doctors, nurses, and other hospital workers may choose to live in one of the eastern neighborhoods that have a lower crime rate.

Homes for Sale in Western Baltimore

The western part of Baltimore was once the heart of the city’s Jewish community, any many of the city’s synagogues are still located there. However, some parts of the west side are entirely African American in population. In fact, the part of Baltimore that is located just to the west of the downtown area is the heart of African American culture in the city. There are both higher and lower income areas in the western part of town. Sinai Hospital and Coppin State University can also be found in the western part of the city. It is also important to note that some parts of the west side also have extremely high crime rates.

Homes for Sale in Northern Baltimore

The northeast corner of Baltimore holds Morgan State University and is largely a suburban area. Many upper class neighborhoods are located in the northeastern part of the city, which also holds Loyola University Maryland and the College of Notre Dame Maryland.

Homes for Sale in Southern Baltimore

Southern Baltimore holds the greatest mix of people in the entire city. Families of many different races live in the south side, and many professionals also reside there. There are also a few lower income neighborhoods in the south side, although these tend to have lower crime rates than some neighborhoods in the east and west sides of the city.

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