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Household Bank Mastercard - Household Bank MasterCard—Card Selection and Benefits - Online Household Bank MasterCard Selection, Household Bank MasterCard and Cardmember Benefits

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Household bank offers its customers different credit cards that have built in benefits to make it easy for them to manage their account. Here are some details of Household Bank MasterCard options.

Online Household Bank MasterCard Selection

In order to purchase a master card the customer will have to perform the following actions: Fill the security inquiry form and submit it. Household Bank will try to pre-qualify its customer in 60 seconds, without affecting their credit score. Once the pre-qualification process is complete, customers can view the cards choices available to them. After selecting a card of their choice, select continue to see the terms and conditions of the selected Household Bank MasterCard; if they have no objections with the terms and conditions they can submit their application for processing by clicking the submit button. Lastly, customers will choose any additional steps, such as selecting a design for their card, then the application procedure is complete.

Household Bank MasterCard and Cardmember Benefits

Household Bank claims to provide value and benefits to its customers. The annual card fee is returnable if the card holder decides to not use the card within 30 days. The benefits that customers get include scheduling their payment due date in a time frame that suits their monthly budget; online payments, payments by phone or email, account information available online, user alerts by email and wireless to remind the user about payments or when the monthly online statement is ready to be viewed; grace period for avoiding interest charges by paying the balance in full every month; financial products and services for home, family and auto; and paperless statements, which are exactly similar to printed statements but are available faster and in a more secure manner. Paperless statements also mean that the customers are supporting a greener way of life.

Card Choices

There are two card choices available to customers: Household Bank MasterCard and Household Bank Secured Master Card. The application process will provide the details to customers of which cards are available to them.

Household Bank MasterCard

The APR on purchasing with this card and transferring balance is a variable 14.90%. The penalty APR is a variable 29.49%. The annual fee ranges from $35 to $79. Other fees to processing account range from $0 to $49.

Household Bank Secured MasterCard

The APR on purchasing with this card and transferring balance is a variable 7.90%. The penalty APR is a variable 29.49%. The annual fee is $35, but it is waived for the first year. Other fees to open account includes a minimum security of $200.

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