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Womens Saddle Shoes - How to Buy Women’s Saddle Shoes - Women’s Saddle Shoes, Saddle Shoe Style

aztec cow black foot

Women’s saddle shoes were made famous by Elaine in Seinfeld; the shoes are making a big comeback to fashion these days, and are all the rage in London, Tokyo, New York and Los Angeles.

Women’s Saddle Shoes

Saddle shoes are characterized by having two tones of colors. The name of the shoe is derived from the middle bit, which looks like a saddle. The original purpose of designing saddle shoes was to give golfers an elegant look on the golf course, but now they are used formally as well as causally. Saddle shoes go well with jeans and white socks.

Saddle Shoe Style

There is a wide variety saddle shoe types and styles. They are available in platform shoe designs, as dress shoes and stiletto high heel as well. There are numerous styles of women’s saddle shoes that one can choose from.

How to Find the Right Type of Saddle Shoes

With saddle shoes, it is recommended that buyers should purchase a pair that fits them perfectly straight away. There should be enough room to enable the toes to move, and the shoe should feel firm around the sole of the foot. Comfort should also be kept in mind. It is also recommended to purchase a saddle shoe that has a raised arch, as it keeps the foot in a better position when the wearer in standing.

Where to Find Women’s Saddle Shoes

Women’s saddle shoes are available at local retail stores. There are also different sources for finding saddle shoes without physically visiting a store. These resources are accessible through the web and include websites, such as SHOEbuy, NexTag and Amazon. While the brick and mortar stores enable shoppers to touch and feel the product before buying, shopping for shoes online usually saves money.

*Example-Women’s Bass Enfield *

An American Classic, this saddle shoe has a polyurethane midsole to cushion the foot comfortably, and a EVA sole that is light and flexible which makes the shoe comfortable and easy to wear. The shoe is a true to size fit and is available in different colors, including Hemp/Cocoa Atanado, Gobi/Driftwood Cow Suede/Aztec, Black Cow Suede/Aztec, Black/Black Aztec/Aztec Perfed, White/Grey Atanado/Aztec, Dune/Wheat Aztec/Aztec Perfed, White/Wheat Atanado/Aztec, and Navy/Cognac Cow Suede/Aztec. The price of the Women’s Enfield Bass is $58.45 as mentioned on SHOEbuy.com. They are giving a fifteen percent discount by reducing the price from $69.00.

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