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Mens Gold Bracelets - How to Buy a Gold Bracelet for a Man

Tips on Finding the Perfect Bracelet for a Man

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Bracelets are not just for women anymore. Choosing the right bracelet for the man in your life can leave you exhausted. Men’s gold bracelets come in a number of styles that make it hard to decide. You also have to take into consideration where they will wear it. You do not want to give them a bracelet that will sit in the back of a drawer and never be seen again.

The first consideration when purchasing a bracelet for a man is where they will wear it. If they want to wear it daily, you will not want to buy one that is too dressy. On the other hand, if they only want to wear it to special events, you do not want a casual bracelet like a rope chain. There are several styles available for all occasions. You also need to look at their personal style. Many men do not like the look of yellow gold. A classic choice for men may be white gold and onyx. A white gold bracelet will go with any outfit and with the addition of onyx can give them the masculine look they desire.

You will also want to make sure the bracelet will fit. Most men’s bracelets come in sizes between 7.5 and 9 inches long. When choosing a bracelet you may want to choose a style with removable sections to make it the right size. Removable links are held in place with pins that can be removed. You can add or remove links until you get the right size.

When buying men’s bracelets you will also want to pay close attention to the clasp. Most women’s bracelets come with a hook clasp. For most men, this clasp will not hold up to the rigors of their daily activities. Look for bracelets with a box clasp. A box clasp is sturdier and includes a lock to keep the bracelet in place.

In addition to taking these things into consideration, you need to decide where to shop. It can be difficult to find stores that have a large selection of men’s jewelry. Shop at JewelBasket.com and Palm Beach Jewelry. Both have a large selection of men’s gold bracelets.

For your next big milestone, consider buying a bracelet for the man in your life. Before you make a purchase, take into consideration the person you are buying it for and the styles available and you will find the perfect men’s gold bracelet.

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