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Compare Internet Providers - How to Compare Internet Providers - Compare internet providers by price, Use bandwidth to compare internet providers

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Choosing the best internet provider is a big job because there are so many different companies that offer internet service, but taking the time to compare internet providers is the only way consumers can make sure that they are getting the best level of service for the lowest price. There are a few different features of each company’s internet service that must be considered in relation to the other features before consumers can know which offers the best deal.

Compare internet providers by price

Of course the most obvious feature to consider when trying to compare internet providers is the price, but this can vary widely depending on exactly what kind of internet service the company offers. For example, the few companies that still offer dial-up service will be very inexpensive, usually around $10 per month. However, the quality of dial-up service is generally terrible because most websites are created with the knowledge that most people have at least cable or high speed internet. This can make the internet nearly impossible to use, so the true cost of the service is much higher than the price because the consumer may not be able to use it. On the other hand, DSL or cable internet can cost from $20 up to $100, depending on how much bandwidth it includes and how fast the connection speed is.

Use bandwidth to compare internet providers

Another important feature of internet service is the bandwidth available. Bandwidth is the speed of the transfer available from a particular service, and it is usually given in a rate per second. For example, on the surface, DSL is quite a bit slower than cable internet because DSL usually ranges from 756 kilobits per second to 6 megabits per second, while cable usually in the range of 5 or 6 megabits per second. A megabit is equal to 1,000 kilobits.

Comparing internet providers through other features

There are also a few smaller features that make comparing internet providers a big job. For example, the quality of the internet service consumers get with cable internet could drop quite a bit if most of their neighbors are all on the internet at the same time. This is because the bandwidth offered by the internet provider is shared among the entire neighborhood, and it also means that sometimes even though the cable internet provider offers a higher bandwidth, it may not be as good as the DSL provider because that bandwidth is shared. On the other hand, DSL does provide a dedicated bandwidth, which means it can be faster in neighborhoods where everyone has internet because each user has his own dedicated bandwidth.

Also some internet service providers offer the new ultra high speed internet, which can get up to 100 megabits per second, so if the price seems exceptionally high, consider the speed of the connection and find out if this is the reason for the high price. If it is, some consumers can certainly benefit from it, like small businesses or households which have more than one computer or device connected to the internet. Remember that many gaming consoles also require an internet connection, so some homes can even have four or five devices connected to the internet. If all of these devices are using the internet at the same time, then the speed that is offered through the provider matters a lot. Faster speeds mean more devices can all use the internet at the same time without noticing a drop in the quality of the service.

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