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Corner Bath Tub - How to Decide if a Corner Bath Tub is Right for You - Benefits of a Corner Bath Tub, Drawbacks of a Corner Bath Tub

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Are you in the market for a corner bath tub? Whether you’re remodeling or building from scratch, this guide will give you insight into the pros and cons of owning a corner tub, so you can decide whether or not it’s right for you.

Benefits of a Corner Bath Tub

Deep Bathing
Corner tubs provide deep, roomy alternatives to the traditional shallower models. Deep soaking is a must for serious bathers, as it allows you to completely submerge your body in warm water comfortably, thereby gaining the maximum benefits from your baths. Many people underestimate just how beneficial a relaxing soak can be, opting instead for a quick shower. But soaking in a bathtub can actually help your blood pressure. It’s true! It works in two ways: on one hand, the sensation of weightlessness of the body significantly lessens stress on the heart. And at the same time, a good soak helps to melt away your mental stress from the day, which is also great for your heart’s health!

Aching muscles and back pain also can benefit greatly from a good, long soak. Especially in the case of back pain, it is necessary to get a deeper tub to ensure comfortable submersion. But even if you’re feeling completely fine, you’ll most likely find that you enjoy a deep soak much more than the traditional shallow one.

A Unique Look
Corner tubs bring a unique aesthetic to your bathroom. They are normally placed underneath windows, and they offer a sense of openness that isn’t found with typical bath/shower combos. The tub alone brings a unique statement to the master bathroom that you can customize further by your own special touches. The back corner of the design provides a good-sized ledge that you can use to display houseplants, exotic bath products, and so on. And the material you choose for the tub will even further reflect your individual tastes.

Many corner tubs come in designs meant for two, which means you won’t have to go any further than your own master bedroom for an amenity that is normally reserved for fancy bed and breakfasts or other romantic getaways. Picture a big scented bubble bath surrounded by candles and rose petals – if this is your kind of scene, then this is the tub to get.

Drawbacks of a Corner Bath Tub

By nature, corner bath tubs require a lot of space. Some brands offer space-saving options, but obviously you will still need a decent-sized free corner in your bathroom to dedicate to the tub. And “just enough” space is not likely to be enough. Corner tubs thrive better when they are in the open, set apart as the focal piece of the bathroom. If you are unsure that you have adequate space for this, it may be wise to consider other options.

Difficult Deep-clean
Because of the size and setup of the corner tub, deep-cleaning can become difficult (if not impossible) unless you actually get into the tub. This is especially true with the back corner ledge and the walls above it. It may seem common-sense, but it is something to be prepared for if you do choose this kind of tub.

No Shower
While it is technically possible, the design of the corner bath tub does not lend itself to a built-in shower. Rather, it should be viewed as a commitment to savor the time spent in the bathing ritual. If space allows, a separate shower stall may be installed, or there is always the option of installing a faucet with an extendable shower nozzle attachment.

That’s it for this quick guide to the ups and downs of corner bath tubs. We wish you the best of luck in selecting a tub that will work great for you and your home.

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