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Used Mercedes For Sale - How to Find Used Mercedes Benz for Sale Through the Classifieds

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Mercedes-Benz is a luxury car maker based out of Germany. Karl Benz created the first car run by gasoline in 1886, and the name of Mercedes was, soon after and ever since, a mark of quality. Despite a bit of a downturn in the early 21st century, Mercedes cars consistently score high in J.D. Power quality studies, even surpassing those made by Toyota, the consistent industry leader. Mercedes-Benz cars are attractive, need few repairs and last for years, but new Mercedes can be rather pricey. In 2010, S600 sedans were listed on the official Mercedes web site as starting at $149,700. Even less expensive vehicles like the CLS550 coupe cost more than $70,000, although the SLK300 Roadster is a comparative steal at $46,900. Prices like this lead discriminating car enthusiasts to search instead for used Mercedes, whose prices are considerably lower. The good news is that you have several resources at your command when looking for affordable used Mercedes-Benz for sale.

One way to start your search for a used Mercedes is the old-fashioned method of looking in the newspaper. If you live in a small town and your local classifieds don’t feature much, you will have better luck searching through the classifieds of the closest large city newspaper. If you don’t see anything the first time you look, stay vigilant. Just because there were none this week doesn’t mean there will be none next week. Also, the weekend editions have many more classifieds than the weekdays. Sellers often just place ads in the Sunday edition and don’t bother running them throughout the week.

Newspapers aren’t the only places to find classified ads, however. There are a number of online sources which feature auto classified ads, such as Yahoo! Autos. There are several advantages to searching these online ads. If you have a make, year or model in mind, most sites will allow you to search using these criteria, weeding out cars you have no interest in. Also, if you are willing to travel, you can search several locations easily. The Benz Trader also features used Mercedes ads from all over the country, gathering them into in one website.

Another source of good used Mercedes Benz is Auto Trader, which has both print and online versions. Auto Trader regularly features a large listing of used Mercedes Benz cars for sale, many with photos. The print version of Auto Trader is organized by geographic area, but the online listings cover the entire country and can be searched by city or zip code. Auto Trader ads come from both individual owners and used car lots.

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