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Cheap Flight To London - How to Find a Cheap Flight to London - Plan Your Travel Days, The Best Sites to Bag the Best Flights

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If you’re in the market for cheap London flights, you’ve come to the right place. In this quick and easy guide, we will show you how to find the cheapest flights to London known to man.

Plan Your Travel Days

First of all, the same rule applies to London that applies to any other flight destination: if you simply must travel during peak times, your ticket will be more expensive. That’s the hard truth. So the obvious conclusion is that if you don’t want to pay more for your flight, you should be careful of heavy travel seasons like mid-Summer, and avoid Christmas holiday like the plague.

In order to get the most rock-bottom price on your London flight, flexibility is king. If possible, plan very far in advance of your actual travel date and reserve your tickets early. The next best option is to travel last-minute. But this does tend to raise your stress level because of last-minute planning, work adjustments, etc. But no matter which way you go, be open to odd-hour flights and mid-week flights to get the best rates. See more information on finding specific flights below.

The Best Sites to Bag the Best Flights

Local travel agency sites like flythomascook.com can be a great place to find special deals on flights to London or other UK cities. Bookmark it and keep checking back for new specials. Also note that sites like visitlondon.com offer some great resources for London-bound travelers.

For initial flight schedule brainstorming, it’s a good idea to check Kayak.com, which will search both airline and third-party sites with just the click of a button to find the absolute best prices on a given flight.

Another helpful tool is Orbitz’s flexible dates option, which lets you see how much cost difference there can be with small tweaks in your airfare scheduling. Again, flexibility is key.

Travel Packages: Embrace or Avoid?

When it comes to finding a cheap flight, London offers you many different ways to go about it. Many travel agencies will offer “package deals” that include airfare with tours, hotels, food, or other perks. Sometimes these are worth your money, sometimes they’re not. When considering a travel package, it’s important that you get all the details up front. Deal with reputable companies, and do your homework on the individual costs. For example, if you’re looking into a flight+hotel package deal, simply use the internet to figure out how much each item would be separately. That way, you can tell whether or not you’re really saving any money.

Other Tips and Tricks

London Stansted is usually considered the best option for budget flights, so use that as your default search option to find direct flights to London.

One big bonus about Europe travel is that once you get inside the continent, it is much cheaper to move around between countries. So if you’re traveling from the US or other non-European country, it’s a good idea to keep your eyes open for cheap flights to other major European cities. Many times you can find flight deals for as little as $50 that will take you the rest of the way to London. So if you find a super-cheap flight to a big European city, you could take a small detour and end up saving a lot more than a direct flight!

We hope you’ve enjoyed this quick guide to cheap London flights. Whether you’re looking for cheap flights to London or cheap flights from London, use the tips in this guide to make sure your trip is as affordable and as enjoyable as possible. Happy travels!

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