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Portland Rental Car - How to Find the Cheapest Portland Rental Car Rates - Check the Playing Field, Look for Company Specials

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When you’re searching for car rentals in Portland, Oregon, use this little series of tips to find the best rock-bottom rate on the car you want. Use as many tips as possible to narrow down your search to an inexpensive rental that will work for your needs. These tips come in particularly handy when searching for a Portland rental car, where rates can often be pricey. (Especially for unprepared travelers!)

Check the Playing Field

First, use Kayak.com to punch in your trip’s travel details. It helps if you can be flexible on your dates – try searching a variety of date possibilities to find the absolute lowest price. Kayak will search all the major rental providers, and even third-party travel sites like Hotwire and Priceline. Using this service saves you from hours of entering the same information over and over again, which you would have to do if you searched every company manually. This is a great way to get an idea of the average rental costs for your time in Portland.

Look for Company Specials

Now that you have a base to compare it to, look at specific rental company web sites for any special promotions. Rental companies love to have their cars booked up, so their deals often center around getting you to take the car for longer reservation periods. Even if you only need to rent for a few days, look for full week specials – sometimes they come out to be even cheaper!

Try to Chop Prices Even Further

When you find a couple of possibilities, use Priceline.com’s “name your own price” service to bid at up to 40% off the advertised price. Whether or not the rental company accepts it depends on a lot of things, like cars in stock, probable demand, etc. But it’s always good to try. You could wind up with an unbelievable deal on your hands!

Eliminate Unnecessary Fees

Avoid Portland International Airport if possible, because some rental car companies are not above taking advantage of a captive audience fresh off a flight – many will charge “airport fees” for nothing more than just being located at an airport!

Also check with your own car insurance agent to see if your policy covers rentals. Most policies (especially full-coverage) will. Armed with that little piece of information, you don’t have to be scared by the horror stories that clerks tell you about customers who don’t buy the $25.99 per day rental car insurance.

That’s it for this quick guide to finding the cheapest Portland car rentals. Follow these tips to get the best rates possible and avoid unnecessary fees. Happy driving!

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